The German Government Needs Tom's Firewall to Protect themselves from Kayleigh

<¤LVHC¤SabLe> did you hear that chinese crackers cracked the german department of defense ?
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> and some more from the government
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> no didnt hear that
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> they think it came directly from the chinese government
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> so who are the spies...we or kayleigh ???
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> oh ya they where talking about that allready
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> she is chinese btw lol
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> lol
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> where is logic ?? german government needs logic´s firewall lmao
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> old joke*
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> lol
<hollow87> lol
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> hehe
* hollow87 remembers toms amazing firewall
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> hiya hollow
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> i´m still in the tsc quotes with my stupid question about toms firewall

Serbian Pizza

<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> Hi Yello :-D
<yello_maniac> hey there boki
<yello_maniac> im not eating flat bread foods from italy ever again.......
<yello_maniac> thanks for that
<yello_maniac> =P
<yello_maniac> jk
<yello_maniac> it will just be like everything else i eat.....another psych bill
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> lol
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > dang
<cn28h> you eat psych bills?
<cn28h> hm, wee I've eaten paper, but not the kind you use like with carbon copies
<yello_maniac> no.....
<yello_maniac> food makes me need more counseling
<yello_maniac> thanks app
<cn28h> hm
<yello_maniac> and now boki
(*.net *.split)
<omgplzstfukthx> lol
<cn28h> like when you read about the government allowable levels for fly eggs in ketchup?
<cn28h> aww, he's split ;P
<omgplzstfukthx> when he thinks about what 'pizza' means in serbian
<cn28h> what? lol
<omgplzstfukthx> when we come back from the split, ask boki
<omgplzstfukthx> she is serbian
<cn28h> ok
<omgplzstfukthx> boki
<cn28h> boki, can I give you pizza?
<omgplzstfukthx> cn has a question to ask you
<yello_maniac> lol
<yello_maniac> oh...
<yello_maniac> damn it boki
<yello_maniac> and app its your fault
<>> [New World Constitution] We the People hereby resolve that it's all Sable's fault!
<yello_maniac> or sable
<yello_maniac> or someone
<omgplzstfukthx> convo started with sable's pizza
<yello_maniac> i was half out of it when i learned that pizza is not office friendly
<yello_maniac> well ill have you all know right now that i was not even looking at that pizza
<yello_maniac> much less anything else
<cn28h> do you like your pitzza deep dish?
<omgplzstfukthx> lol
<yello_maniac> think ill never look at pizza again because of that knowledge
<yello_maniac> ohhh lets not go there
<yello_maniac> my brain my explode
<omgplzstfukthx> pizza with sausage
<yello_maniac> bad app
<cn28h> and ground meat
<yello_maniac> bad bad bad bad
<yello_maniac> the ground meat didnt pay for dinner?
<omgplzstfukthx> but for yello, he'd perfer the veggie pizza
<yello_maniac> ohh damn it
<yello_maniac> you all are horrible
<yello_maniac> and making me more so
<cn28h> mushroom stamp pizza
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > lol
<cn28h> I went to Google Serbia, typed in pizza, and got pizza hut
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > lol
<yello_maniac> and a couple shots at happy hour?
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > boki should add the pizza to wiki and urban dictionary
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> lol Crow
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> sorry guys, I was on the treadmill
<omgplzstfukthx> boki: tell cn28h what serbian pizza is
<cn28h> sounds tasty
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> Pizza = Picka which means women's pussy
<cn28h> ah, I was right
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> or Pizda
<omgplzstfukthx> the first time she was in a chatroom with a bunch of women discussing how much they loved pizza, she thought we were all lesbos
<cn28h> lol
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> yep
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > lol
<cn28h> hm, I need to order some pizza
<omgplzstfukthx> lol
<hollow87> lol you can order pizza ill have some pizda :-p
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > there is a pizza place that delivers by plane in alaska
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > lol
<yello_maniac> lol
<yello_maniac> mail order bride >_>
<omgplzstfukthx> hahaha
<yello_maniac> damnit
<yello_maniac> im horrible now too
<hollow87> lol
<omgplzstfukthx> congrats
<yello_maniac> i graduated from APU
<yello_maniac> App's Pervy University
<omgplzstfukthx> not yet
<cn28h> all that late night pizza finally paid off
<omgplzstfukthx> you are still a freshman
<yello_maniac> aww oki
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> wb Hollow :-D
<hollow87> ty boki :-p
<cn28h> boki, do you deliver? ;P
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> lmao

Everything is working fine

<_mouser> the joke is i submitted a tick to the host company
<_mouser> you can guess the reply i got
<_mouser> "we logged into your server and the uptime is 19 days so it seems fine. "
<_mouser> it does not matter what you tell these people
<_mouser> it has no effect
<_mouser> i could write
<_mouser> "Godzilla sent me a text message he said he is coming to stomp our server -- please escape now!"
<_mouser> and the reply would be
<_mouser> "we logged into your server it seems to be working."

The Salvation Army steals Hitcher's Heart

Logged: Dec. 22, 2005

ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ thinks hitch might have actually enjoyed that trip to Atlantic City..
<!Hitche®1.8> lol
<ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> you did, didn't you?
<§leepyhousë 4²°> the dirrty dirrty
<!Hitche®1.8> it wudda been fine if id been awake
<ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol
<!Hitche®1.8> showed up tired, never slept, ran around the whole time..
<ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> understood
<!Hitche®1.8> creep was a perfect gentleman tho
<§leepyhousë 4²°> i bet
<ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> was he gentle with you?
<ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> rofl
<!Hitche®1.8> ididnt even figure out he was gay till the very end lol
<ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol

Where do you post a birth announcement, on a software forum?

<lanux128> earlier this morning, my wife gave birth to a baby girl..
<Lashiec> lol
<Lashiec> congrats!
<tinjaw> congratulations!
<tinjaw> now it is lanux129
<lanux128> it's a 3.35kg bubble of joy..
<lanux128> >tinjaw: now it is lanux129
<lanux128> lol
<hamradio> mouser
<lanux128> i was in the labour room for the 1st two..
<lanux128> thanks guys! :)
<hamradio> congrats btw lanux128+1
<mouser> baby!!!!
<mouser> WOW!!!!
<mouser> POST ABOUT IT!!!!
<mouser> yay!!!!!
<lanux128> i'm too shy, mouser..
<mouser> damnit just do it
<mouser> you dont have to post a pic
<mouser> just an announcement
<lanux128> already my wife is insisting on an online gallery..
<Lashiec> lol
<lanux128> under the "announcements" section?
<Lashiec> no, better on "General Software Discussion"
<hamradio> lol
<lanux128> but too bad, my work-place doesn't recognize paternal leave..
<Lashiec> or "Developers Corner"!
<hamradio> or better yet in the reviews
<hamradio> lol
<Lashiec> developer's corner is the place!
<lanux128> REVIEWS?!?
<Lashiec> rofl
<hamradio> lol
<tinjaw> Or in Coding Snacks | Finished Programs "DONE: lanux128 expansion pack number 3"
<lanux128> my wife will go ballistic!
<Lashiec> I can read the sections of the review
<hamradio> he said "just an announcement" so...
<Lashiec> What can be improved: She could sleep by nights
<lanux128> so guys, if i don't appear here in the next few days or weeks..
<lanux128> then you'll know i'll be busy changing diapers or making sure that the milk is warm enough..
<lanux128> tinjaw: lol again..
<Lashiec> he, now that's a true challenge
<lanux128> and also maybe i'll be on some fathers support forum.. :)
<hamradio> hmmm
<lanux128> ok, guys.. i'm off to the hospital
<lanux128> :)
<tinjaw> bye
<tinjaw> daddy
<FrigidFox> lol guys dont scare mouser, we still wanna see little mice dont we?
<FrigidFox> bye lanux


<app> my knees hurt
<mouser> good thing sham aint here
<app> i tripped over my daughter's laptop power cord
<mouser> he would make some nasty sexual comment about that
<Martin_13> why?
<mouser> meanwhile im here so i just alude to it and blame sham
<app> lol
<Martin_13> lol, well i was thinking the same
<app> <mouser> he would make some nasty sexual comment about that<--that's a nasty comment, in a kind of second-hand way :-P
<mouser> sorry
<mouser> im suffering from SDS
<mouser> sham derangement syndrome

Emergency Dump

<Priapism> my computer crashed
<Priapism> and i got a pop up saying
<Priapism> something about an "emergency dump"
<Priapism> i was about to beat my pc then i thought "wait, ive had to take emergency dumps before"

Lottery Winner

There is a guy that comes into my channel frequently. He loves to play with the lottery script in my bot.

A few of the prizes are not that pleasant. He often wins a temporary kickban. The prize is supposed to be for 2 minutes, but there is a problem: a bug in the server software doesn't honor the time limits and makes all kickbans permanent.

Once, a ban that was supposed to be only 2 minutes was a week. That was how long it took to notice he was missing and couldn't get back into the channel.

Even though he knows about this nasty little prize and the bug, he continues to push his luck and keep playing. I think he's a sucker for punishment.

[09:07:37] BLACKAZZBIRDY_358_25861 (14.4K 66 files) has entered
[09:07:38] Welcome BLACKAZZBIRDY_. You are victim number 4623.
[09:07:38] <RCMS> BLACKAZZBIRDY_358_25861 was added as an Admin
[09:10:55] <BLACKAZZBIRDY_> !lottery
[09:10:55] <PeaceKeeper> Drawing prize for BLACKAZZBIRDY_..
[09:10:59] <PeaceKeeper> BLACKAZZBIRDY_ Won Prize #11!
[09:10:59] <PeaceKeeper> Prize: A KickBan for 2 minutes!
[09:11:03] <BLACKAZZBIRDY_> farg
[09:11:04] <PeaceKeeper> /kickban BLACKAZZBIRDY_358_25861 2
[09:11:04] BLACKAZZBIRDY_358_25861 has left

Is it group sex?

<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> hey do you want to guess something?
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> no
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> toooo tired to guess lol
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> this is very interesting
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> and true
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> almost verybody does it, and youve probably done it recently
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> ?
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> sometimes you have to stop yourself
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> clue?
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> sex?
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> no
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> lol
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> you may not know exactly how or why you do it
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> ??
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> its often fun to get other people to do it
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> group sex?
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> no
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> its not fun when they do it at you unless you want them to
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> I still say group sex :-P
<¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-§çú®vy_ÐâwG757> OMG! ¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717 dont talk about such things round me!!!!!!!!!
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> pmsl
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> no no no no !!!!
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> last chance
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> no idea
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> what is it boki?
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> no idea
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> its ...... LAUGH.......
<¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717> oh u mean group sex laugh? :-P
<¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-§çú®vy_ÐâwG757> sorry ¤tTÞ¤TSC[55];ßôkî717 i got a headache at the moment!
<{¥}Å_.·:*®ö$é®èd*:·.792> thats cool too ...... lmao

Man vs. Bot

<Awarasan> This is #cusoon. Resistance is futile.
<neutronstar> Awarasan: stifle yourself.
<Awarasan> neutronstar: You have a right to your opinions.
<neutronstar> Awarasan: should bots have rights?
<Awarasan> neutronstar: How do you exercise your rights?
<neutronstar> Awarasan: answer the question!
<Awarasan> neutronstar: No need to get all upset! Just rephrase yourself and ask me once more.
<neutronstar> Awarasan: do you think that bots should have rights?
<Awarasan> neutronstar: I don't have the rights (authority) to create a bot for this newsgroup.
<neutronstar> Awarasan: if you ask nicely, Cusoon may take you to school with him.
<Awarasan> neutronstar: You might know, but only if I ask nicely?
<neutronstar> Awarasan: if you ask nicely, Cusoon may take you to school with him.
<Awarasan> neutronstar: Okay, if you say that one more time, I'm going to whap you upside the head.
<neutronstar> Awarasan: if you ask nicely, Cusoon may take you to school with him.
<Awarasan> neutronstar: *whaps you upside the head*
<neutronstar> Awarasan: if you ask nicely, Cusoon may take you to school with him.
<Awarasan> neutronstar: Are you trying to test me?
<neutronstar> Awarasan: if you ask nicely, Cusoon may take you to school with him.
<Awarasan> neutronstar: You can repeat yourself all you like, I'm just going to ignore you.
* neutronstar has kicked Awarasan from #Cusoon (for being a dimbot)

2 Modes of FX Server

<KåIåmå> oi, I took away the coloUr bull crap in FX and now in mx everything is red o.O
<KåIåmå> fuckit... if they want it fixed they can piss and moan for it, I use robo >-}
< app > tell them to use something ouka
<KåIåmå> I like ouka best but it started fucking my router hardcore out of the blue today
<KåIåmå> I hate fx
<KåIåmå> it has 2 modes: "plate full of mashed assholes" and "gay pride flag"
<KåIåmå> its improved from what it was 2 yrs ago tho


<Obeliks> now isn't that nice
<Obeliks> W32/Deletemp3.worm is written using Borland Delphi and its payload is to delete any mp3 files found on the infected computer.
<Obeliks> :D
<MithWork> anybody want to go ask codegear how many delphi licenses the RIAA owns ? :)
<Buggz> Naw, fight fire with fire! RIAA probably pirated Delphi in order to create the virus.

Oh noes! It's a trap!

<hippywarrior> ya know the question i hate most from my wife...what do you want to eat
<hippywarrior> that is a trap
<hippywarrior> if i say...i don't know...i am no help
<hippywarrior> if i say...i don't care... "you should care"
<hippywarrior> if i say i want this...its i don't want that
<hippywarrior> its a trap