Walls and levees

app> you heard about the big wall they want to build across the mexican border?
app> like the great wall of china
app> they say it's to keep the mexicans out
app> but in reality it will be used to keep us in when the bottom falls out
Zaine> it'll never happen; the politicians won't even build a levee in New Orleans, much less a fence
Zaine> ha
mouser> lol
mouser> maybe you got it reversed
mouser> maybe new orleans should propose to bush
mouser> "there are black people in the water"
mouser> better build a wall to keep them from coming to texas
mouser> then we would have good levees
Zaine> LMAO
app> lol

What a night!

Plastic> trying to keep a friend of mine from driving
Plastic> so I am scraping my bowl
Plastic> and making him smoke resin
Viscousbit> ugh
Viscousbit> resin hits
* Viscousbit is reminded of why he stopped smoking pot
Plastic> I know
Plastic> my poor bowl
Plastic> its going to look ugly in the morning
* app hands plastic a sledge hammer
app> faster...more effective
Plastic> good idea
app> any women around to distract him/wear him out till he passes out?
Plastic> yeah, they keep calling hos phone
Plastic> but he lives where I use to
Plastic> so he is miles away from him
Plastic> them*
Plastic> somthing
Plastic> yeah
app> lol
app> and it's not likely you will let him 'borrow' any of yours :-P
Plastic> he took me to orlando
Plastic> so he can come here and party.
Gunrunner_Gray> lol
Plastic> none of mine are around
Gunrunner_Gray> So Plastic does have a 'black book'.
Plastic> I made out with this waitress...
Plastic> but then I got tossed out of the concert right afterward
Gunrunner_Gray> Damn, what a story.
Gunrunner_Gray> Was the waitress hot?
Plastic> YES
Plastic> she was walking around with this tray
Plastic> that had drinks in vials
Plastic> that glowed in the black light
Plastic> and she gave me a bunch for free
Plastic> there were these christian protestors at the concert
Plastic> outside on the patio area
Plastic> and I went and started preachign with them
Plastic> just the way to heaven was buttsex
app> lol
Gunrunner_Gray> lmao!!
Plastic> and I got tossed out
Plastic> and my friends were getting tossed at the same time
Plastic> for some other drunken problem they got into
Plastic> which I haven't got a clear answer on
Plastic> bloodhound gang was playing...
Plastic> I know that much...
Gunrunner_Gray> What a night.
Plastic> There was an altercation with the police afterwards
Plastic> and we had to run quickly
Plastic> they weren't happy about being kicked out
Plastic> and a cop started grabbing my friend so I stuck the cop and we ran
app> stuck? or struck?
Plastic> as in stuck my hand in fis face.
Plastic> his
Plastic> we saw some guy hit some woman on street on out way home
Plastic> and my friends stopped and started a fight with him
app> i was thinking maybe you stuck the cop in the pooper
Plastic> and it was bad
Plastic> I wish
Plastic> I hate orlando cops...
Plastic> so yeah
Plastic> thats what happen
Plastic> and hear I am
app> with a friend you still need to knock the fuck out
Plastic> he is flirting on the phone.
Plastic> so he is busy.

Help! I'm banned!

23 Jorden> hey i was banned from another room and i didnt do anything i think they rangebanned me how can i get back in?
13 app> jorden: try praying to the p2p gods
23 Jorden> lol
23 Jorden> right
23 Jorden> is there any way other then praying?
07 HypnotiC> Reading the p2p Bible
13 app> sacrifice a virgin maybe?
23 Jorden> no
23 Jorden> lol
23 Jorden> its the room Super_Happy_Fun_Chat
23 Jorden> can any 1 help?
23 Jorden> :-(
23 Jorden> i dont know the p2p gods and i dont have the p2p bible and i dont have a virgin to sacrifice


Blade^> omg
Blade^> Channel 4 are offering you the chance to watch Lost online
Blade^> but in there help they say this:
Blade^> "Internet Explorer's "Privacy" settings set to the default "Medium" setting
Blade^> - Firewalls and pop-up blockers disabled
moonlord> heh
Blade^> yeh lets all reduce our security
moonlord> yea lets all use Internet Explorer
Blade^> :)

programming w/ a hot guy

06 <3~tiffany~<3> Any hot guys?
02 John> tiffany
06 <3~tiffany~<3> John
02 John> this a computer programming chat room this room is not for sex
02 John> or anything alike
06 <3~tiffany~<3> Lol sex?
02 John> lol
06 <3~tiffany~<3> John i know...i want to know computer programming w/ a hot guy :)
02 John> ok
02 John> where are you from?
06 <3~tiffany~<3> East Coast
02 John> mmm
06 <3~tiffany~<3> Lol
02 John> well, I would teach if you were close to me
02 John> I live in Los Angeles California
02 John> got msn?
06 <3~tiffany~<3> Yes
06 <3~tiffany~<3> I dont use it
02 John> shoot it
02 John> why not?
06 <3~tiffany~<3> Its crap
02 John> lol
02 John> how is it crap?
06 <3~tiffany~<3> just is
02 John> lol
06 <3~tiffany~<3> Bed time :p Bank of america is killin me
02 John> any way, what programming language do you wanna learn?
02 John> lol
06 <3~Tiffany~<3 has parted


Connected. Now logging in...
Looking up your hostname.
Checking Ident
Servicing ident request from
Got Ident response
Found your hostname
app already in use. Retrying with omgplzstfukthx...
You are banned from this server- Temporary D-line 1440 min. - (r13/164108) Your username/ident looks random-generated. Please use another server. (2006/4/28 23.56)
Closing Link: ********.ipt.aol.com (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

boodip dipboo

DaynaGirl> my mom installed something... and it beeps, pops, crackles and whines whenever she does anything...
omgplzstf> ewww
DaynaGirl> yeah. she likes it though.
DaynaGirl> everything she does has its little confirmation sound.
DaynaGirl> openwindow boodip. closewindow... dipboo
mejoblogg> heheh, where where?
mejoblogg> i want
DaynaGirl> www.google.com
DaynaGirl> I wouldn't know what its called.
mejoblogg> search for boodip dipboo ?
mejoblogg> ach, nm, back to 'work'
DaynaGirl> well you have to convert them to wavs first.

Geek in Training

Skwire> $$$15247
GEDDi_Fbs> ??
Skwire> Gah...my two year old.
GEDDi_Fbs> lol
Skwire> She loves to sit in my lap.
Skwire> And pound away.
Skwire> On the keyboard.
hadez> i bet what she's writing looks like VB6 code

Missing Nose

Cailin says:
missing: nose
last seen: previous picture
reward: poon


* Menchi187 returns
Frozen-Shade> anyone for a game of yahoo pool?
Menchi187> ill give you one while i eat
Frozen-Shade> god I suck at this
* Dusty zooms around like a little butter fly
Menchi187> it didnt load
Frozen-Shade> but I like the sound of the balls hitting together
Dusty> o.o
Frozen-Shade> wouldnt it be cool if guys sounded like that whenever they walked?
Frozen-Shade> or banged?
Frozen-Shade> lol
Menchi187> lol
Frozen-Shade> bahahha!
Dusty> i know a few!
Frozen-Shade> a marathon foot race would be hilarious.. or tokyo at rush hour
Menchi187> shade......makes me wonder about your previous experience......
Dusty> lol
Frozen-Shade> about balls clanging together?
* Dusty goes back to zooming
Menchi187> because you SHOULD know that they tend to make a slapping sound off her during fast sex :P
Frozen-Shade> I had my testicles removed and replaced with miniature billiards balls. 10 and 4 to be precise
Menchi187> lol
Menchi187> im not sure if thats a joke.........
Frozen-Shade> Oh, it is O_O

It's not spyware...it's stupidity

Rahly> LordCrc: tip, never do For Count := 0 to 254 do keybd_event( Count, 0, 0, 0);
LordCrc> Rahly: oh ? hehe
Rahly> oh yeah, it fucks up the entire system
Rahly> i don't think i can fix it without a reboot
Rahly> i can't right click in mirc
LordCrc> rofl
Rahly> i can't drag/drop files to and from explorer, even killing and restarting it doesn't work
LordCrc> hahahaha
Rahly> let see
LordCrc> the powwwa of api!
Rahly> i can't click on any browser like if its jabascript
Rahly> that includes all gmail links
TByte> Rahly: I suggest you run a couple of spyware removal utilities.
Rahly> even killing all the iexplorer
Rahly> TByte, doesn't have anything to do with spyware man
TByte> it's probably hijacked by a buggy spyware...
TByte> as you wish mate, I know what im talking about :)
TByte> i guess someone else should suggest something better.
Rahly> TByte, why don't YOU try the code, and see what happens
TByte> oh I thought your PC was fucked?
Rahly> it is
TByte> what code then?!
Rahly> from 2 lines of delphi code i wrote
TByte> fuck it never mind, i cant be arsed
TByte> send it then.
Rahly> [2006/04/19 07:31] Rahly> LordCrc: tip, never do For Count := 0 to 254 do keybd_event( Count, 0, 0, 0);
TByte> keyb event ! I see....
TByte> hit all the shift buttons
TByte> CTRL, ALT, both sides...
TByte> hit both shifts
TByte> that should release it.
Rahly> did that
TByte> um reboot will definitely fix it :)
Rahly> which i said
Rahly> i think there are other buttons on other keyboards that aren't present on mine
Rahly> i told you it wasn't spyware


ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> ok, if you were my weed stash, where would you have hiddenyourself?
Towelie> wanna get HIGH??
omgplzstfukthx�> where you couldn't find me
ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> damn you, app
ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol
omgplzstfukthx�> now if you were about 16, i'd say inside the stereo speaker'scase
ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol app
ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> since I'm 29, I'd say check inside the engine's crankcase
weed > ur close
ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> shit... I give up then.
Gemini777_> lol
ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> heh, it's always in the last place you look
Gemini777_> ofc
ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> silly me..

The Bot

!rãZørhêD> I want a bot thingy when someone says RAZ for it to offer up my mexican jumping anal worms


-X- Krishean Draconis_Œ303> ...you know you've been on a computer too long...
-X- Krishean Draconis_Œ303> ...when you go outside and notice that the snow has a low refresh rate..


[AU*]Plastic_Yakuza[AY]777> rinoa is the room whore
[AU*]Plastic_Yakuza[AY]777> Everyone has seen rinoa everywhere.
[AU*]Plastic_Yakuza[AY]777> Like a drunk prom date

Hello World

AFK-ish(ÐîK)ßåÞhºmèt> int main(void), { printf ("Hello World!"\n"); , return 999; } ok ifigured how to give confusing error levels on exit............ now i just need to incorporate a random number generator..........

Bad bad programmer

KM says: and btw, 95% of computer users are morons :-P
KM says: just look at how many people payed for winmx if you need proof :-P
app says: look at how many people run your stuff if you need proof :-P
KM says: exactly
KM says: not even i would run half of my stuff, lol


app> i still want your brains :-D
/\/\artin> lol ... frontal lobe is all I'm offering


Asuran_Zara> app!
Asuran_Zara> take it off
app> did you just ask me to strip?
Asuran_Zara> No no no

The Big Monitor

app> i would LOVE to have the big one there
app> $18,000!
zibo> too big
app> no such thing
zibo> you wouldnt use more than 2 of those
app> that's what you think
zibo> it wouldnt run on your shitty computer, think what good graphic card youd need
zibo> or cards
zibo> like 5 of them
app> you are talking to someone that is always in 11 chatrooms at the same time...on 4 networks, with 3 chat clients...
app> plus web pages, and other shit
zibo> so
app> so, zibo...
zibo> this doesnt take great computer
app> are you going to buy it for me...along with whatever i need to make it work?
app> my daughter would love it for graphics work
zibo has parted
app> i guess that means 'no'
zibo sharing 9 files, has joined
Soothsayer> lmao that monitor is bigger than my house
zibo> you live in a cardboard box ?
Soothsayer> bigger than my room*
Soothsayer> well my house ain't too big as flats are too expensive here
zibo> your room is like 3 feet long ?
Soothsayer> fuck U, that was an expression
Soothsayer> dont get too theoretical
Soothsayer> :p
zibo> shouldnt it be literatical ?
zibo> .
app> is that even a word?
zibo> im quite sure it is
Soothsayer> its not
app> http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=literatical
app> No entry found for literatical.
zibo> literal then ?
Soothsayer> wats the meaning u want to convey ?
zibo> nvm it
Soothsayer> lol
app> zibo...stay in school

Cool Function

[yeryry] How can I avoid EOutOfResources?
[FuzyLogic] BuyMoreResources();

bunni3 virus

[Frozen-Shade] App, yesterday Menchi was playing with bunni3's head...
[Frozen-Shade] and somehow it came up that she was infecting menchi's pc
[Frozen-Shade] so i was describing what a bunni3 virus would be like
[Frozen-Shade] a little bunny head graphic pops up on your desktop and starts moving across the screen like pacman eating all your graphics and files, and says 'What's this do?' after each thing it destroys

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