Something tells me he won't pass

pyrodude> fuck scool im takin my profishensy text

track this on pyro's quote

Translator Boomerang

mouser> have you tried my latest google translator app?
mouser> boomerang i mean
app> that will answer your question :-D
mouser> hahaha
mouser> hahahahaha
mouser> great!!!!
mouser> may i link to that from translator boomerang page?
mouser> ahahahahahahaha
mouser> that is brilliant
app> sure
mouser> Available for wild sex. -> .... -> Impression of a national marketing, banking image is completed.
JoTo> i can ask my girlfriends: Have your impression of a national marketing, banking image completed? When i want to ask her if we can have wild sex together :-))))
app> lol
mouser> correct
JoTo> LOL...cant stop laughing....imagine the situation yourself...a woman and a man in a restaurant on the next table...
JoTo> you hear him asking: Have your impression ...
JoTo> belly hurts from laughing
mouser> everything always comes down to money it seems
JoTo> wuahharharhar...stop it. Pleeeease!
JoTo> my image now completes especially when i see a prostitute on the street. It reminds me to read the financial times for the national marketing :-))
mouser> :)
mouser> we should make a special audio play
mouser> of like
mouser> star trek
mouser> but imagining that their language translator
mouser> is google translater boomerang
mouser> and see what craziness happens
mouser> :)
app> lol
app> that could be a segment in the next poscast ;-)
JoTo> nothing special would only get Klingon language :-)))

Grab a copy of Translator Boomerang and try it out for yourself ;-)

Lamer went down to Vegas (typical day in Las vegas Hackers Club)

Joins: feuf383_43499 (128K ISDN, 0 files) (
feuf383> oi
feuf383> i need to ask a question
feuf383> oi
feuf383> hello
feuf383> oi
feuf383> oi
feuf383> oi tlk to me
DiOne984> speak freely
feuf383> ok
feuf383> is there anyway to hack msn paswords
feuf383> ?
DiOne984> you go in the msn home page
DiOne984> and call to administrator the new password
feuf383> what u mean
feuf383> what?
feuf383> could u get a password for me
feuf383> ?
feuf383> ?
DiOne984> your password?
feuf383> no
feuf383> i wanna get my girlfriends password
DiOne984> it's illegal
feuf383> is there anyway i can get it?
DiOne984> y but it's illegal
DiOne984> in italy u get 1-4 years of gail
feuf383> yea but i want it
feuf383> can u do it for me
feuf383> can u do it
feuf383> ??
DiOne984> jail*
DiOne984> y i have np to make in the next 4 years
DiOne984> i can go in jail for u
feuf383> oi
DiOne984> give me the mail account
feuf383> well tell me how to do it
feuf383> i want to hack
DiOne984> poor girl
feuf383> can u do it
DiOne984> there are some difference from Hacker and Lamer
feuf383> no she made a bet wit me i couldnt do it lol
feuf383> lamer?
DiOne984> hacker know the metods
DiOne984> lamer use this metods
feuf383> ok
feuf383> so can u get ehr password?
feuf383> ?
DiOne984> y
DiOne984> I can but I do not make it
feuf383> plz
feuf383> what u mean i do not make it
feuf383> ?
DiOne984> i don't make it
feuf383> wht
feuf383> can u get em that password?
DiOne984> i don't get the pass for u
feuf383> y cant u
feuf383> oi i dont know what ya saying
feuf383> oi she wont dob u in bro she dared me to try to hack it
feuf383> so she wont care
feuf383> ill keep pass the same
feuf383> ok
feuf383> u tehre
�¤LVHC¤�§¶(ÔÒ)KÝMÄÑ.ÊXÉ�555> i think the answer is he can but wont
feuf383> come on plz shes letting me
feuf383> do u know how to do it
feuf383> shes sitten behind me she dont believe yous can do it
feuf383> ..
feuf383> plz
feuf383> shes laughing atm e
feuf383> plz
Parts: feuf383_57285 (Stayed 35 minutes) (
Joins: feuf383_62099 (128K ISDN, 0 files) (
feuf383> oi
feuf383> hello im his gurlfriend
feuf383> really i just need to hack into my account cause mi barsted ex done it
feuf383> and i was kinda hoping you guys could help me out=)
feuf383> can anyone help?
feuf383> pwitty plz
feuf383> dio
sdns>insane>303> feuf stop
feuf383> pardon:'(
feuf383> anyone:'(
feuf383> no one
feuf383> yous are a good room
feuf383> ..
feuf383> fuck yous
feuf383> i need help
Parts: feuf383_62099 (Stayed 10 minutes) (

Taco Tease

Gîzzý> When you go to Taco Bell...and they ask hard or soft...If it's a guy I always ask well what are you?
Gîzzý> One time the guy goes...well soft right now...and I go...I'll take it
Gîzzý> And he's like really...honey I'm married...I soft taco...I don't like them hard when I bite into them
Gîzzý> Poor guy...

Insanity is contagious

Steph> Don't drive me crazy!
Steph> I will ruin the world!

(implying that it will set off a chain reaction that will drive everyone in the world insane and send them all on a killing spree resulting in the extinction of the human race)


Krishean> «--- light a cigarette with a laser pointer
Kaimaru> i had a friend that bought one
Krishean> any good?
Kaimaru> it took about 40 seconds to melt the blinds in his house
Kaimaru> didnt go thought but there was a good "drip" off of it
Krishean> im betting he didn't get the most powerful model then
Kaimaru> no couldnt pay that much
Kaimaru> they are like thousands
Kaimaru> i think
Kaimaru> well he said they were i never looked it up
Krishean> $3499
Krishean> for the top model
lilblu> :(
lilblu> to pricey:-/
lilblu> lo
lilblu> l
lilblu> insanely cool
lilblu> but id rather get something like ipod:-D
Kaimaru> why are the blue ones more expensive?
Krishean> lol ipod
Krishean> i'd like to see an ipod light something on fire
Krishean> using light
lilblu> :-D
lilblu> well it wont do that
lilblu> but i can watch the movie of the laser lighting something on fire
lilblu> on the ipod;)
lilblu> ah
Kaimaru> i mean the top green one is far more powerful yet the blue is 1500 more....
Kaimaru> the blue one can be seen for 15 miles and the green one for 120 miles... and the green one is cheaper...
* lilblu wnats one
lilblu> lol
Krishean> lol
lilblu> but hmm
lilblu> can you get into legal trouble?
lilblu> with this stuff?
Kaimaru> well you can buy it...
Krishean> probably if you torture people with it
Kaimaru> im just afraid that if im playing with it in my room and it reflects off the tv or something and hit my eye how much damage it will do??
Krishean> dunno
lilblu> lol
lilblu> sunglasses?;)
Kaimaru> nvm
Kaimaru> they make special glasses for use with lasers
Kaimaru> they are 120 bucks thou
lilblu> lmao
Krishean> if its a Class IV Laser, turning it on without saftey glasses is not reccommended
Kaimaru> all of them on the site are only Class IIIb
Krishean> then don't shine them in your eye
Krishean> i can build lasers that just looking at the beam can cause eye damage
Kaimaru> not into but just the beam
Kaimaru> ?
Krishean> ueah
Krishean> yeah*
Krishean> class IV UV C lasers
Krishean> you really don't even want to be in the room when the thing is on
lilblu> yikes
lilblu> ahah
lilblu> :-X
Krishean> will cause cancer with prolonged exposure
Krishean> need to wear goggles and skin protection to be in the room while its on

Smart Keyboard

mrw> need some keyboardpressing practice.
app> lol
app> or a 'smart keyboard' that can read your mind and prevent typos by moving the keys to where you feel like typing
mrw> imagine that keyboard when one is wasted...
app> imagine that keyboard when you are thinking one thing and wanting to be nice & type something else
mrw> i have a quest... "beer" ... about the interne... "sex" ... is there anyone here that .... "has big titts" ... that might
mrw> it wouldnt work ...


* Squasige will be getting laid in 4 minutes
* Squasige cackles
DaynaGirl> Squasige: *laugh* she delivers?
Squasige> lol
ootje> fleshlight
DaynaGirl> Squasige: if I were getting laid... I wouldn't be here bragging.
Blade^> its always nice when you hire them to have them turn up punctually
Squasige> she's in the bathroom
Squasige> just waiting =]
ootje> waiting for the viagra to help you?
DaynaGirl> Squasige: so shouldn't you be tidying up?
Squasige> u guys are so funny :)
ootje> `hehe
Squasige> DaynaGirl all spotless :)
app> Squasige: and the only thing you can think about is bragging on irc?
DaynaGirl> Squasige: picking up your underwear and socks.... or soemthing?
* Squasige neatly places his lube
Squasige> lol
Squasige> actually
Squasige> loads of undies and sox
Squasige> she doesnt care
Squasige> moohah
Blade^> lube?
Blade^> ahh
Blade^> so its a she-male
Blade^> whatever floats your boat
app> lol
Blade^> :)
Squasige> lube is always essential
Blade^> just as long as she isn't too expensive
Blade^> make sure you get value for money
Squasige> hah hah, side splitting humour
Squasige> as always!
DaynaGirl> musta paid a fortune if she's willing to overlook the undies and socks.
Squasige> brb
Squasige> :)
* Squasige has quit ()
Blade^> brb?
Blade^> oh
moonlord> haha
Blade^> it won't take long
DaynaGirl> he's coming back!!!
ootje> haha
DaynaGirl> oh gawd.
ootje> that was revealing :P
Mag69> ewww
Mag69> DaynaGirl: almost there?
msocorcim> nice when you can find a contractor willing to take on small jobs
Blade^> heh
Mag69> so hookers are contractors now?
msocorcim> considering there's a fair chance they've contracted something...
Mag69> wonder if any have yearly membership discounts
Mag69> msocorcim: hahaha
Blade^> i wonder if they do group discount
Blade^> "We accept coach parties"
Mag69> Blade^: i would guess in that case they charge more :)
Blade^> no no it should get cheaper
Mag69> more wear and tear on the equipment in groups :)
Blade^> economies of scale