Tipping Strippers with Bitcoins

<p3lb0x_PC> HEY
<p3lb0x_PC> Guys
<p3lb0x_PC> With the prevalence and validity of bitcoin
<p3lb0x_PC> Why not take it into the real world
<p3lb0x_PC> Here's what I am proposing: Lets put fake tattoo QR codes on strippers, linking to their bitcoin account. This way, you can tip them by getting your smartphone out and sending some love
<p3lb0x_PC> It's convenient!

An Alternative to Session Cookies

<app103> if you wanted to track a website visitor from page to page, other than session cookies, what other method could you use?
<Vurbal> app: I'd go to his house and stand over his shoulder staring at the screen focusing my disturbing blank expression that makes adult cross the street and stops small children in their tracks too scared to make a sound while reliving their worst nightmares and try hard not to piss their pants
<Vurbal> for some reason people tell me that's creepy though so I might not
<app103> lol
<app103> I get the impression that you would be a lot of fun to work with. We might not get much accomplished, but we'd have a lot of fun while doing it.
<Vurbal> i think you're right - it would be fun all the way up to the minute we both got fired

Learning a New Web Framework

<mouser> im trying to learn this fcked up new web framework system
<Jibz> sounds like you're having as much fun as I am then :)
<mouser> yeah its painful
<mouser> its called Mewlo
<mouser> whoever wrote it needs their head examined
<Jibz> Ah, I saw that yeah, dreadful .. files filled with blank lines and walls of text :p
<Vurbal> I've heard you really don't want to examine that guy's head - it's apparently a scary place



For those that don't know, mouser wrote Mewlo. :-D

Recursive Function to Count the Ways I Loathe Thee

<Wheatley> Oh mouser, how I loathe thee
<Wheatley> let me count the ways
<mouser> write a recursive function to count them
<Wheatley> double long double long double mouserDisappointedCount = 0;
<Wheatley> while (!satisfied)
<Wheatley> mouserDisappointedCount++;
<Wheatley> ooh
<Wheatley> bigint!
<Deozaan> while(awaitingResponseForLessThanThreeHours) { Mouser(); }

State of the Mouser

<Wheatley> State of the mouser!
<mouser> state of the mouser is tired
<Wheatley> That is not a defined system state
<Wheatley> and is being blocked by the security kernel
<Wheatley> please try again
* mouser changes state to killing josh
<w3bcrawlr> lol
<Wheatley> Not defined in the "Bell Lapadula" model...sorry
<Wheatley> Please refer to you state machine manual
* mouser throws exception
* Jibz takes exception to mousers exception, and rethrows