<lanux128> nooooooooo! Vessel crashed!!!
<lanux128> damn
<lanux128> feaky fsckity fsck!!!
<Wheatley> hah
<Wheatley> lanux is hooked i see
<lanux128> yeah, just learned how to use the seed
<lanux128> to do your bidding..
<Wheatley> haha
<Wheatley> you can use my seed if you want ;-)
<mouser> that's disgusting
<mouser> please take it to another channel
<Wheatley> poor mousey, he doesn't speak vessel
<Wheatley> seed == creates fluro == does work for you
<lanux128> lol
<lanux128> tbh, those pipes do look like pen1s
<lanux128> and shooting white oozy gooey stuff
<lanux128> i like the way you can point and shoot
<lanux128> lol
<lanux128> the problem is getting them to shoot where i want
<Wheatley> hahahaha
<Wheatley> hahahahaha
<Wheatley> omg
<Wheatley> hahaha
<Wheatley> that is so dirty
<Wheatley> love it
<Wheatley> Thanks lanux
<Wheatley> you just brightened up my day
<lanux128> heh, i'm serious