The Craigslist Game: Flare Face

<Gunrunner_Gray> Behold, a freak of nature!
<yello_maniac> lol thought she said she loves lungs
<yello_maniac> the talk about having a huge heart tripped me up
<Gunrunner_Gray> This one I call
<Gunrunner_Gray> "Flare Face"
<PlasticYakuza> lolol
<yello_maniac> keep fighting the good fight
<Gunrunner_Gray> I dunno about this one...
<Gunrunner_Gray> I suppose I would, if there were no other options
<yello_maniac> lots of people haave three shades of hair.........
<yello_maniac> hey there you go gray
<yello_maniac> drawn to spanish and black men
<PlasticYakuza> harpoons
<Lappy486> man them
<Gunrunner_Gray> lol
<Gunrunner_Gray> What the?
<Gunrunner_Gray> Well...
<yello_maniac> herman melville
<Gunrunner_Gray> I suppose I could hit that but that sounds like it would be work
<yello_maniac> there are workarounds
<yello_maniac> nevermind
<Gunrunner_Gray> This is the enemy of "Flare Face"
<yello_maniac> get them sons of bitches
<Gunrunner_Gray> I call her "No Flash"
<yello_maniac> when you cant do a picture, take a plaster cast
<PlasticYakuza> lol
<Gunrunner_Gray> Bitch needs to be humbled
<Gunrunner_Gray> And damn, the divorced women are out in droves
<yello_maniac> she looks like an old building
<Gunrunner_Gray> lol
<Gunrunner_Gray> She claims that she's full of sarcasm and can see through games
<yello_maniac> my sarcasm is pretty thick at times
<yello_maniac> hard to miss
<yello_maniac> think i just had a seizure from the kyouran kazoku nikki OP
<Gunrunner_Gray> This is the evolved form of the "Flare Face"
<PlasticYakuza> I was curious so I found the op on youtube
<PlasticYakuza> I feel like I ate some acid
<PlasticYakuza> why was there a lion?
<yello_maniac> lol flare faceduku
<yello_maniac> evolved from flare face
<yello_maniac> looks like shes filtering for plankin
<yello_maniac> rub two thoughts and come up with a philosophy eh
<yello_maniac> the way of the grundle is tainted with soil and diet coke
<PlasticYakuza> harsh
<yello_maniac> be like those dipshits who lie on the grass of the quad playing hacky sack and talking about how the real stuff doesnt exist and smoking while drinking their latte
<yello_maniac> i bet she thinks that picture makes her seem "quirky" like meg ryan
<yello_maniac> or darma
* Tackey has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<yello_maniac> i mean it killed poor tackey
<yello_maniac> who knows what that face can do to a person
<PlasticYakuza> giftmas commercials need to stop
<yello_maniac> yea
<yello_maniac> along with those progressive insurance commercials
<yello_maniac> and the sham wow commercials
* Krishean has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<yello_maniac> flare faceduku got krish now
<yello_maniac> lets get some hallucinagens and make an animated show and sell it to adult swim
<Gunrunner_Gray> lol
<yello_maniac> think if it has colors and sound they will play it
<yello_maniac> regardless of talent
<Gunrunner_Gray> But 12oz Mouse was awesome
<Gunrunner_Gray> This one...
<Gunrunner_Gray> I don't know
<PlasticYakuza> wtf is with the shamwow guy?
<yello_maniac> lol i think i dont fit the specs on that last one gray
<PlasticYakuza> he looks like a crackhead that got beat up the day before
<yello_maniac> im just about 5'10", have brown eyes and my sense of humor is "questionable"
<PlasticYakuza> he is all cracked out and one of his eyes are swoll
<yello_maniac> thats what drugs do to you
<yello_maniac> make you sell shitty stuff
<yello_maniac> on tv
<yello_maniac> apparenlty
<yello_maniac> grundle masher university
<PlasticYakuza> crotch rot
<yello_maniac> oh and dispite menchis fantasy world, im not white
<Gunrunner_Gray> ShamWow
<yello_maniac> that should get some time on Plante Earth
<Gunrunner_Gray> I forgot the name of the other product
<Gunrunner_Gray> It's some sort of slicer
<yello_maniac> hmm
<PlasticYakuza> the knife set?
<yello_maniac> oh yea i forgot about that one
<PlasticYakuza> which oen are the progressive commercials?
<PlasticYakuza> are those with flo?
<yello_maniac> yeah
<PlasticYakuza> I want to put it in flo's butt
<Gunrunner_Gray> We all do
<Gunrunner_Gray> Hmm, that could work as a topic
<yello_maniac> so long as its done quietly and with that fucking kazoo
<yello_maniac> without
<PlasticYakuza> lol
<yello_maniac> no fucking kazoo
* Gunrunner_Gray has changed the topic to: Welcome to Quack Experimental Chat Channel [AY] - STUFF!: - No fat chicks | Furthering your ruination since 2004! | Dutch Rudders all round! | Put it in Flo's butt | FUCK YOU BALTIMORE! | Tim Allen Is Dildos
<yello_maniac> ass ramming without the kazoo and stupid jokes is acceptable
<yello_maniac> rofl
<yello_maniac> you just made america's deductibles rise
<PlasticYakuza> lololol
<PlasticYakuza> I need the Superjail opening theme
<yello_maniac> and i need some dry shorts
<yello_maniac> damn flare face senior is still in my browser and i just looked at it
<yello_maniac> temperpedic matress: "soft where you want it and firm where you need it"
<Gunrunner_Gray> Yello, this is the worst of them all:
<Gunrunner_Gray> I call this one
<Gunrunner_Gray> Tan Radiation
<PlasticYakuza> fuck
<PlasticYakuza> the goggles
<PlasticYakuza> nothing
<yello_maniac> lol
* Gunrunner_Gray face melts off
<yello_maniac> fucking gingerbread man