* Linuxgrrl ticles Bitme_Bot
<blueboybob> oooohhh kinky
* Bitme_Bot tickles Linuxgrrl with a feather
* Linuxgrrl giggles
<blueboybob> do i need to leave?
* blueboybob sets up the camera
<Linuxgrrl> :p
* blueboybob installs night vision
* Linuxgrrl pokes both of blueboybob's eyes out.
<blueboybob> ok all done... continue please
* Bitme_Bot installs glow in the dark underwear
<Linuxgrrl> hahah with a big yellow glow in the dark arrow? pointing the way?
* Bitme_Bot likes the sound of that
<Linuxgrrl> i bet :p
<blueboybob> makes it easier
<blueboybob> men need all the help they can get
* Bitme_Bot /nick kinky_bot
* blueboybob has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox])
<app> he couldn't handle it

New Google Products

<Deozaan> Well, now that I'm finished with that for my wife I can go to bed.
<Deozaan> Nytol!
<app> gnite
<Deozaan> Haha I just had a funny thought.
<Deozaan> Google gets into the pharmacy business and makes a sleeping aid called Gnite.
<Deozaan> Well Ithought it was funny.
<app> don't forget their own brand of coffee called Gmornin
<Deozaan> haha
<Deozaan> And antidepressant called Gday
<app> nah...that's what they market the coffee as in AU
<Deozaan> Antidepressant in the US, coffee in AU
<app> comes with ads on the bottle
<Deozaan> Enhanced male virility: Gmate
<Deozaan> or Gspot :-O!
<Deozaan> Okay time to end that line of thought.
<app> let's hope they don't get into the twine business...Gstring
<Deozaan> Ha!
<Deozaan> Okay really nytol

Olympic logo illusion

<TSC[58];(DiK)Baphomet> someone just told me to google the 2012 london olympic logo, stare at it, then unfocus... so i did and BUGGER ME if he wasn't right... it /does/ look like lisa simpson giving head.....

2012 London Olympic Logo

Shocking Ads

<Drk`Angel> I love web ads.
<Drk`Angel> "This is not a joke, you are the 10,000th visitor. Click here!"
<Drk`Angel> yeah, whatever.
<Mjolnir> All web ads should have a "we don't believe you" button attached to them that delivers an electric shock to the purpetrator.
<Vibes^> I think that's reasonable.