* Linuxgrrl ticles Bitme_Bot
<blueboybob> oooohhh kinky
* Bitme_Bot tickles Linuxgrrl with a feather
* Linuxgrrl giggles
<blueboybob> do i need to leave?
* blueboybob sets up the camera
<Linuxgrrl> :p
* blueboybob installs night vision
* Linuxgrrl pokes both of blueboybob's eyes out.
<blueboybob> ok all done... continue please
* Bitme_Bot installs glow in the dark underwear
<Linuxgrrl> hahah with a big yellow glow in the dark arrow? pointing the way?
* Bitme_Bot likes the sound of that
<Linuxgrrl> i bet :p
<blueboybob> makes it easier
<blueboybob> men need all the help they can get
* Bitme_Bot /nick kinky_bot
* blueboybob has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox])
<app> he couldn't handle it