MouserBot 2.0

<Deozaan> I have a vision of MouserBot 2.0
<Deozaan> * app joins #donationcoder
<Jibz> will mouserbot 2.0 be able to make coffee?
* Jibz shakes the Magic 8-ball: Better not tell you now.
<Jibz> -.-
<Deozaan> <MouserBot 2.0> Welcome App! I have a wide variety of useful commands that are at your service! Type !help for more info.
<Deozaan> <app> !help
<Deozaan> (30 minutes pass)
<JoTo> jibz: LOL
<Jibz> <MouserBot 2.0> Available commands: !help
* CodeByte laughs to himself as he catchs up on the convo!
<Deozaan> haha Jibz
<Deozaan> MouserBot 2.0 now with mousering abilities!
<Jibz> hehe
<JoTo> jibz: LOOOL
<JoTo> and i'd love to see:
<JoTo> !news
<JoTo> mouserbot: mouser made homemade ice cream
<JoTo> mouserbot: mouser made homemade lasagne
<JoTo> mouserbot: mouser made homemade noodles
<JoTo> mouserbot: mouser made homemade tofu with indian sauce
<CodeByte> LOL
<Jibz> lol
<JoTo> mouserbot: mouser mousers
<JoTo> -joto
<JoTo> -jibz
<JoTo> -gothic
<JoTo> -deozaan
<JoTo> <to be continued>
<JoTo> :-))
<JoTo> ah i got an idea
<JoTo> what about a mousering contest
<JoTo> that dc member that are mousered most
<JoTo> will win
<JoTo> LOL

HTML Tattoo

<Shahid> where can i put some html?
<C-o-r-E> get a tatoo
<C-o-r-E> <img src="goatse.jpg">
<C-o-r-E> :P
<cn28h> at least do it correctly and make it <img src="goatse.jpg" />
<cn28h> ;P

The Craigslist Game (aka Making fun of lonely desperate women on the internet)

A little background...

The guys in the chatroom get together in the middle of the night, browsing craigslist, looking for women to make fun of, and post the links to any worthy victims they might find to the chatroom, and then the fun begins.

Boys will be boys!


<yello_maniac> so i needs some beers and foods so i can works some more so i can complain some more afterwards lol
<Gunrunner_Gray> when you get back, you can view this fail
<yello_maniac> lol
<Cai> fail huh
<yello_maniac> with the occasional all lowercase embellishment
<yello_maniac> from what (little) ive read, it seems she wants a mind fuck
<yello_maniac> to put it into cruder, more concise terms
<Cai> hit and run situation
<yello_maniac> <Cai> hit and run situation <- plus change your identity and move far away
* yello_maniac passes around amstel lights and chocolate candies
<yello_maniac> also "alot" should be "a lot"
<yello_maniac> and the self-reference of "princess" seems to me that is how she expects to be treated
<yello_maniac> so its like getting onto a roller coaster that has track missing up ahead
<yello_maniac> gravity will take over and you will plummet to your inevitable doom along with the acid rain and turds dropped from pigeons
<Gunrunner_Gray> Share knows how to put her in her place
<yello_maniac> share can have here then
<yello_maniac> her*
<yello_maniac> i bet he has a jet pack huh?
<Gunrunner_Gray> lol
<Anime_Share_2008> Interesting Gray
<Anime_Share_2008> I had a woman just like this try to talk to me at Walmart some time ago
<Anime_Share_2008> very funny
<Gunrunner_Gray> Story time!
<p-dub> [22:19] <+yello_maniac> from what (little) ive read, it seems she wants a mind fuck
<p-dub> ROFL
<Anime_Share_2008> it was no big deal Gray
<Anime_Share_2008> she had a little stand and was trying to sell Axe cologne
<Anime_Share_2008> and giving out samples
<Anime_Share_2008> I've been recently steered in the direction of food scents anyway
<Anime_Share_2008> heh
<Anime_Share_2008> anyway it was a boring day so I decided to let her run through her little sales pitch
<Anime_Share_2008> then she got off track and started telling me personal details about herself that had nothing to do with what she was selling
<Anime_Share_2008> and got up close to me and told me to smell her
* Anime_Share_2008 laughs
<Anime_Share_2008> that was one of the funniest parts
<Gunrunner_Gray> that sounds familiar
<Anime_Share_2008> apparantley she uses some combination of Victoria's secret and something else
<Anime_Share_2008> that makes her "irrestible" to men
<Anime_Share_2008> must not have been working for her that day sorry
<Gunrunner_Gray> lol
<Gunrunner_Gray> On the other hand, you should head back to see if she's there
<Anime_Share_2008> maybe
<Anime_Share_2008> think she might have had something to offer?
<Gunrunner_Gray> Most women do
<Anime_Share_2008> oh and I know why that craiglist princess's posts keep getting flagged
<Anime_Share_2008> other women are doing it to eliminate competition
<Anime_Share_2008> If I replied and told her that she'd be somewhat intrigued I bet
<Anime_Share_2008> of course she'd understand that though
<Anime_Share_2008> and you're right, most women do think they have something to offer
<Anime_Share_2008> silly girls
<Anime_Share_2008> haha
<Gunrunner_Gray> hmm
<Anime_Share_2008> now that mention it Gray maybe she could cook
<Anime_Share_2008> I should have asked her
<Anime_Share_2008> oh well
<Gunrunner_Gray> There'll be plenty of other opportunities
<Anime_Share_2008> yeah too bad she messed hers up
<Anime_Share_2008> got any other funny craiglist postings?
<Anime_Share_2008> I'll check them out when I get back
<Gunrunner_Gray> I'll have to look and see, but I'll show some tomorrow

The Evolution of Windows User Confusion

<Jibz> it's a bit interesting .. with win95/98 you knew exactly what it was doing and what was going on all the time
<Jibz> with win2k you kind of still knew what was going on most of the time
<Jibz> with xp you started having your doubts about what exatly it was doing half the time
<Jibz> with vista you're like "wtf is it doing, and why isn't it doing what I told it to?!" most of the time
<Jibz> .. or maybe it's just me :)