Occupy my Internet Connection

For those that don't know, my internet connection sucks. I suffer from frequent disconnections. Today is one of those bad days when I can't stay connected for more than a few minutes at a time.


<GLaDOS> You show that internet connection!
<GLaDOS> "I will not be abused any longer. I am the 99% and YOU, internet connection, are the 1%"
<GLaDOS> April is attending the "Occupy my Internet Connection" movement
<mouser> lol
<Ath> her test just fell apart (quit) ;)
<Ath> test/*tent
<GLaDOS> She was evicted
<GLaDOS> apparently her internet connection holds more power over here
<GLaDOS> The "1%" is holding her down!
* Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).

The Krishean Virus (It's a good thing! Trust me on this!)

<lrswork> Krishean: im shocked by your insanity
<lrswork> ;)
<app> i am only shocked krish hasn't found a way to install the computer parts into himself, or upload his consciousness to the internet yet.
<Krishean> and i'm working on getting my consciousness uploaded lol, thats a long term project
<Krishean> i've also thought about integration tho
<lrswork> build a kCloud
<lrswork> get in the cloud
<lrswork> be the cloud
<Krishean> i'd probably end up being a virus
<Krishean> except instead of screwing things up i woud optomise all the programs on your computer lol
<Krishean> y halo thar code bloat... lets just fix that while i'm passing through

Other uses for NeverWet

<mouser> cool: http://www.gadgetreview.com/2011/11/neverwet-spray.html
<mouser> check out that video
<Deozaan> Where do I buy it?
<Deozaan> Also, what happens if you swallow it? :-/
<Lashiec> that's surreal
<Deozaan> Imagine the locomotive possibilities!
<Deozaan> Coat the road with NeverWet
<Deozaan> Coat the underside of your vehicle with NeverWet
<Deozaan> put find a way to trap the water under your vehicle
<Deozaan> and you will just glide along
<Deozaan> almost like a superconductive magnetic rail thingy
<GLaDOS> heh
<Deozaan> I just thought of a good troll application of NeverWet technology.
<Deozaan> Painter's Canvasses. :D
<Deozaan> Shirts at a wet t-shirt exhibit.
<Deozaan> Or for Sponges. :D
<Deozaan> NeverWet cups would be awesome. No more trying to get the last drop out of your cup.
<mouser> :)
<Deozaan> NeverWet fish tanks would probably be easier to clean.
<Deozaan> Might not have to clean them
<Deozaan> Well, you'd have to change the water
<Deozaan> but the tank walls would probably stay mostly clean.
<Deozaan> Heheh. Another troll idea: NeverWet Toilet Paper
<Lashiec> do your best Jesus impression with NeverWet!
<Lashiec> walk on water along your friends!
<Deozaan> That's not how it works. . .
<Deozaan> You'd just come out of the water dry.
<Lashiec> NeverWet, always ruining my fun :(
<Deozaan> I'm enjoying these videos: http://www.neverwet.com/videos-news.php
<mouser> crazy
<Deozaan> I wanna go to the store and buy some.
<Deozaan> It's probably pretty dangerous though.
<Deozaan> There could be fat people at the store.
<Deozaan> So I'd best be safe and order it online.