The Krishean Virus (It's a good thing! Trust me on this!)

<lrswork> Krishean: im shocked by your insanity
<lrswork> ;)
<app> i am only shocked krish hasn't found a way to install the computer parts into himself, or upload his consciousness to the internet yet.
<Krishean> and i'm working on getting my consciousness uploaded lol, thats a long term project
<Krishean> i've also thought about integration tho
<lrswork> build a kCloud
<lrswork> get in the cloud
<lrswork> be the cloud
<Krishean> i'd probably end up being a virus
<Krishean> except instead of screwing things up i woud optomise all the programs on your computer lol
<Krishean> y halo thar code bloat... lets just fix that while i'm passing through