Protecting yourself from the Josh Monster

<mouser> beep
<Ath> errorbeep, warningbeep, or attentionbeep? :D
<mouser> pingbeep
<mouser> on idle
<Ath> ah
<mouser> joshbeep
<mouser> meant to keep monsters at bay
<Ath> hm, dont see him around
<Ath> does he hold the monster-scares?
<mouser> he is the monster
<mouser> :)
<mouser> he's kind of like the smoke monster from Lost
<Ath> ok, so it's good he isnt around :)
<mouser> he is always lurking around the next bend
<mouser> so you have to say your beep prayers
<Ath> so we wear helmets to protect ourselves
<mouser> or you will get squashed
<mouser> right exactly
<Ath> does a big zapper help protect or defend me?
<Ath> or just mindreading and sheer luck?
<Ath> and correct timing when ducking :D
<mouser> its kind of unpredictable
<mouser> much like the josh monster itself
<mouser> which can travel and back and forth through time
<mouser> up to 10 or even 15 years
<mouser> your best protection is to know lots of song lyrics
<mouser> thats the only true way to survive its attack
<mouser> to quickly identify the song that it is speaking the lyrics too
<mouser> then it will crawl back into its slimey lair
<mouser> and leave you unscathed
<Ath> ah, it's good to know a few details about fellow dc'ers, I'll remember this when needed (I hope)