If you live in the United States it may be illegal to watch DVDs on Linux

<Krishean> wtf is this
<Krishean> first microsoft has you agree to a 57 page eula
<Krishean> then another 28 page eula before you can even think about looking at tv channels
<Krishean> fuck you microsoft
<Ehtyar> <3 Linux
<Krishean> lol linux is no better, but instead of agreeing to worthless eulas all over the place you have to manually configure everything, each with its own undocumented config file, each config file being in a different place before you can see tv
<Ehtyar> le sigh
<Ehtyar> it's as easy as installing rtorrent, which is available on almost any repo you care to choose, then using one of a dozen torrent sites to find the show you want
<Ehtyar> you then pick one of a half dizen media players available for Linux that play every format under the sun, sit back, and enjoy
<Krishean> unless you want to play dvds
<app103> or do it wirelessly
<Krishean> then you have to jump through all kinds of hoops before it will allow you to OMFG YOUR BREAKING THE DMCA YOU PIRATE
<Krishean> as if it would let you watch a dvd you own on a free operating system
<Ehtyar> Krishean, add a repo to yum/apt and run a single command
<Ehtyar> dvd playback installed
<Ehtyar> app, i've no idea how to do that on any OS
<Krishean> im just pissed that it has all kinds of warnings before it will let you install libdvdcss2
<Ehtyar> of all the places I'm happy for there to be cables in my, my av setup is at the top of the list
<Ehtyar> i'd rather warnings than eulas
<Krishean> "if you live in the united states it may be illegal to watch dvds on linux"
<Ehtyar> not to mention i'd prefer they notified me before i broke the law
<Krishean> i tend not to care about laws anymore
<Krishean> most of the ones i'm breaking are either retardedly stupid, or so outdated they don't really apply anymore
<Ehtyar> and that's your perogative, but you certainly can't hold it against floss developers
<app103> Ehtyar: let me refresh your memory http://omgplzstfukthx.blogspot.com/2009/02/getting-your-wireless-to-work-with.html
<Krishean> yay software patents
<app103> not going to get those torrents till you figure that out first
<Ehtyar> lol
<Ehtyar> this is true
<Ehtyar> when you're using a server os on a laptop
<Krishean> so if i got a software patent on hello world, i could sue everyone for the use of hello world?
<Krishean> while(1){system('make money');}
<Ehtyar> i must make sure i never let a potential employer know my online handles
<app103> my dad is having issues with win7 and his wireless card...asked me if i thought ubuntu would be a better idea
<Ehtyar> *cringe(
<app103> i just cracked up laughing
<Ehtyar> if it's anything but a broadcom, it probably would be
<app103> people with Negative Electrostatic Charisma shouldn't use linux
<app103> they should stick with ms bob
<Krishean> lol ms bob
<Krishean> i've never actually used that software
<Krishean> but i've heard it was terrible many times
<Ehtyar> ditto
<app103> my sis-in-law had it years ago
<app103> because of the kids
<app103> but then someone wanted aol, so ms bob had to go
<Krishean> lol nobody wants aol, they are tricked into thinking its something they need
<Krishean> "oh you want to use the interents? you'll need that aol thing"
<app103> i don't know about being tricked, but on my old snail it's the only thing that works and allows a connection that lasts longer than 6 minutes
<app103> damn ancient X2 modem
<Krishean> i thought you had that unsupported tray application that didn't need the full aol software suite running
<app103> it's supported, and made by aol
<Krishean> i thought they discontinued it
<app103> nope
<Krishean> hmmm
<app103> it's part of 9.0
<Krishean> they just hide the fact that it exists so everyone uses their bloatware?
<app103> aol desktop (10.0) is broadband only, bring your own connection
<app103> not hidden...accessible from the tray icon
<app103> the autoreconnect system is pretty good too
<app103> they hold packets for you, up to 3 mins, while you reconnect with same IP, then flood your ass with them
<Krishean> lol probably bumping you off in the process
<app> depends what you were doing and with what software
<app> was great in chatrooms
<Krishean> dial up bittorrent
<app> never missed what anyone said while i was gone
<app> kind of wish my dsl would do that


<GLaDDOS> does anyone else grow tired of "Achievements" in games?
<p3lb0x> Nope
<p3lb0x> I love achievements
<GLaDDOS> it seems that foamy does
<GLaDDOS> http://www.illwillpress.com/ACH22YT.html
<p3lb0x> Especially if you get something for doing them
<mouser> i hate achievements too
<p3lb0x> I do agree with that video
<p3lb0x> Achievements for doing nothing is retarded
<p3lb0x> But shit like getting a triple headshot with one bullet is pretty entertaining
<GLaDDOS> heh
<GLaDDOS> Defense grid took achievements too far
<p3lb0x> Oh?
<GLaDDOS> I hate getting achievements for doing something I would have done, or was required to do to progress in the game, anyways
<p3lb0x> Yeah
<p3lb0x> That's dumb
<GLaDDOS> "You picked up the orange portal device. ACHIEVEMENT"
<GLaDDOS> Achievements should be just that...ACHIEVEMENTS
<p3lb0x> But as I said, stuff like jumping building and kill three people before landing
<GLaDDOS> "You made it through level 1, ACHIEVEMENT!"
<p3lb0x> *jumping off a
<GLaDDOS> "You uninstalled all donationcoder.com software, ACHIEVEMENT!"
* GLaDDOS ducks
<p3lb0x> More like
<p3lb0x> "You uninstalled all the trial crapware on your new lap top, ACHIEVEMENT"
<p3lb0x> *laptop
<GLaDDOS> "You successfully ate a salad instead of pizza during a coding streak, ACHIEVEMENT!"
<Lashiec> ^more like, STUPIDITY!
<GLaDDOS> Mousey should make the "Healthy coders diet" badge
<GLaDDOS> For coders who take the time to make a healthy meal/snack during coding rather than resorting to hot pockets
<p3lb0x> Hot pockets don't exist in denmark
<mouser> josh tricked me:(....
<Krishean> ?
<Krishean> also: you just ate a hot pocket, ACHIEVEMENT!
<app103> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkUbqmS9TWI
* Krishean powered by hot pockets and: http://www.littledebbie.com/products/CosmicBrownies.asp
<Lashiec> Jesus Christ >_<
<Lashiec> somebody makes Krish a proper meal
<p3lb0x> Krishean, needs more THC
<Krishean> lol
<Krishean> once every few weeks i visit my parents and get a proper meal, but other than that i fucking love hot pockets
<Lashiec> lmao
<Krishean> now that i am done with my cosmic brownie, im goona go have a hot pocket...

Original Name Fail

<Krishean> http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=New+City,+NY&sll=41.147595,-73.989306&sspn=0.094621,0.153294&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=New+City,+Rockland,+New+York&z=13&iwloc=A
<Krishean> real original name guys
<Krishean> i hate it when places are named something stupid
<Krishean> or when different places have the same name
<Krishean> people fail at having original ideas
<Krishean> http://maps.google.com/maps?q=dover,nc+to:dover,va+to:dover,de+to:dover,nj+to:dover,ny+to:dover,nh

<Krishean> original name fail
<Krishean> and thats just on the east coast
<Krishean> http://maps.google.com/maps?q=dover,fl+to:dover,tn+to:dover,il+to:dover,in+to:dover,oh+to:dover,nc

<Krishean> more

Little Joto Riding Hood Meets an Asterisk Server

<JoTo> Once upon a time there was a JoTo, he meets an Asterisk server in deep forrest. The server asks, Joto, where are you going? JoTo answers: I'm going to my granny, she is ill and i bring her wine and cake. The server said: But you are using the wrong trunk. This is a DAHDI and not a ZAPTEL trunk. And the outgoing route for your extension will not allow to reach grann on this way, so i'll show you ...zzzZZZzzzz
* JoTo fall asleep

How Can You Tell If It Spoiled?

<mouser> someone tell me if i'm crazy:
<mouser> there is a salad dressing i make, it contains, among many other things: sour cream, yoghurt, buttermilk
<mouser> as well as tons of lemon juice, mayonaise, etc.those things have expiration date of a couple weeks
<Krish> mouser: yes
<mouser> thats not the premise yet
<mouser> the premise is that i made a batch about 3 months ago
<mouser> and im still using it
<Krish> lol
<mouser> which means the sour cream, yoghurt, buttermilk, were all suppose to expire about 2+ months ago
<mouser> is this insane?
<Krish> well i don't eat sour cream or mayonaise
<mouser> or will the lemon preserve it?
<mouser> i dont see any mold
<Krish> somehow i think its lucky your alive
<mouser> problem is
<mouser> this dressing is made of so much crazy stuff, including blue cheese
<mouser> that already tastes rotten and moldy the day you make it
<mouser> there is no way to tell if it has spoiled!!!
<mouser> it tastes spoled from minute one!!
<Krish> lol
<Krish> then why do you eat it
<mouser> tastes great
<Krish> blue cheese is mouldy from day 1
<Krish> it dosen't really go bad because it already is
<Krish> tastes great = tastes spoiled?
<mouser> right
<mouser> im going to keep eating it based on the following:
<mouser> 1. the lemon might preserve it
<mouser> 2. i dont see any non-usual mold
<mouser> 3. tastes relatively like it normally does
<mouser> 4. there might be so much good mold that the bad mold doesnt stand a chance :)
<Krish> lol mouser
<Krish> just keep it away from the women-folk
<mouser> yeah i keep it away from animals and small children too
<Krish> lol