How Can You Tell If It Spoiled?

<mouser> someone tell me if i'm crazy:
<mouser> there is a salad dressing i make, it contains, among many other things: sour cream, yoghurt, buttermilk
<mouser> as well as tons of lemon juice, mayonaise, etc.those things have expiration date of a couple weeks
<Krish> mouser: yes
<mouser> thats not the premise yet
<mouser> the premise is that i made a batch about 3 months ago
<mouser> and im still using it
<Krish> lol
<mouser> which means the sour cream, yoghurt, buttermilk, were all suppose to expire about 2+ months ago
<mouser> is this insane?
<Krish> well i don't eat sour cream or mayonaise
<mouser> or will the lemon preserve it?
<mouser> i dont see any mold
<Krish> somehow i think its lucky your alive
<mouser> problem is
<mouser> this dressing is made of so much crazy stuff, including blue cheese
<mouser> that already tastes rotten and moldy the day you make it
<mouser> there is no way to tell if it has spoiled!!!
<mouser> it tastes spoled from minute one!!
<Krish> lol
<Krish> then why do you eat it
<mouser> tastes great
<Krish> blue cheese is mouldy from day 1
<Krish> it dosen't really go bad because it already is
<Krish> tastes great = tastes spoiled?
<mouser> right
<mouser> im going to keep eating it based on the following:
<mouser> 1. the lemon might preserve it
<mouser> 2. i dont see any non-usual mold
<mouser> 3. tastes relatively like it normally does
<mouser> 4. there might be so much good mold that the bad mold doesnt stand a chance :)
<Krish> lol mouser
<Krish> just keep it away from the women-folk
<mouser> yeah i keep it away from animals and small children too
<Krish> lol