Pickles are Illegal Objects!

<mouser> something is making me very scared...
<mouser> lately ive been eating these great tiny little pickled peppers
<mouser> but now it's made me wonder
<mouser> if we have Pickled Peppers
<mouser> and Pickled Eggs.
<mouser> WTF is a PICKLE PICKLE
<Stephen66> mmm pickled eggs
<mouser> FUCKING PICKLES are illegal object!
<mouser> null pointer!
<Stephen66> isnt a pickled pickle a gerkin?
<mouser> a pickle is not a thing
<mouser> its cheating
<mouser> its a lie
<mouser> its a scam
<mouser> what the hell is a picked pickle
<mouser> its a stack overflow
<Stephen66> oh
<Stephen66> its a pickled zuchiini
<mouser> an infinite recursion
<Stephen66> Zucchini*
<mouser> is it a cucumber?
<Stephen66> no, its a Zucchini
<mouser> no its not
<mouser> it looks like amonster
<Stephen66> gerkin?
<mouser> pickled pickles are the devil
<mouser> what is a gerkin?
<mouser> sounds like a gremlin