The Bot Didn't Like His Typo

<Stephen66> urgh
<Stephen66> whys DC dead
<Stephen66> MouserBot has fucked off and left
<mouser> oh mouserbot, kind of the ether, bless us with your presence!!!
<mouser> oh mouserbot, kind of the universe, bless us with your presence!!!
<mouser> hmm what was the incantation to get him to revive
<Stephen66> eggdrop -n
<mouser> oh mouserbot, kind of the universe, who bring us forth news from the website, wake up!
<Stephen66> kind of the univerce?
<Stephen66> are you high?
<mouser> answer: no
<mouser> oh mouserbot, kind of the universe, who bring us forth updates even when you shouldn't, wake up!!
<mouser> he is really soundly asleep isnt he
<Deozaan> kind *what* of the universe
<mouser> he's probably waiting for a good post
<Stephen66> yeah Deo...hence my statement
<mouser> king king not kind
<Stephen66> Mouser, your making little to zero sence xD
* MouserBot has joined #donationcoder
<mouser> ah that was it
<mouser> he didnt like my typo
<Stephen66> nor did we
<mouser> die
<Stephen66> lol
<Stephen66> thats not nice!
<Stephen66> he lives
<Stephen66> he joins
<Stephen66> he spams
<Stephen66> we love it!
<Stephen66> It makes it look like people are actually talking

Album Art

<Deozaan> ARGH MY EYES!
<Stephen67> put your top back on and stop looking in the mirror
<Deozaan> It's worse than that.
<Stephen67> omg put some pants on
<Deozaan> Worse than even that!
<Stephen67> omg Josh has no pants on?
<Deozaan> I don't think it can get any worse than that.
<Stephen67> lol
<Deozaan> I'm going through my music collection in Subsonic, making sure I have all the corresponding album art.
<Stephen67> Why u using Subsonic?
<Deozaan> It's awesome because it basically does a Google Images Search with the artist and album names and you click on the one you want to use for album art.
<Stephen67> nice
<Deozaan> Well, VAST has an album called Nude
<Deozaan> and somehow it for some reason it used VAST's main guy, Jon Crosby, instead of the band name.
<Deozaan> So I just did a google image search for "Jon Crosby Nude" :(
<Deozaan> Thankfully it seems to default to SafeSearch on. :)
<Stephen67> lol

Dildos and fleas? WTF?

I run a Welcome Back (WB) script in the IRC channel that spits out funny or embarrassing quotes I have collected, when people return to the channel. Sometimes those quotes spawn even more funny stuff, such as what happened here tonight.

For the original conversation that spawned the yellow quote, see this post.

<app103> WB EhtyarWRK  <EhtyarWRK> shutup skwire, we're talking about sucking our own cocks!!!
* EhtyarWRK has joined #donationcoder
* Skwire slashes EhtyarWRK with his hockey stick.
<app103> WB Ehtyar  <EhtyarWRK> shutup skwire, we're talking about sucking our own cocks!!!
* Ehtyar has joined #donationcoder
* Skwire slashes Ehtyar with his hockey stick.
<DaynaGirl> I hope he has fleas.
* Skwire goes to the penalty box for two minutes.
<Deozaan> Who?
<Deozaan> Ehtyar? Or Skwire? Or..?
<DaynaGirl> Ehtyar.  he's sucking our cocks...
<Deozaan> He's sucking his own.
<Deozaan> Besides, why would you want someone who was sucking you off to have fleas? He might give them to you.
<Deozaan> And that's aside from the fact that you're a woman so it doesn't really make sense in the first place.
<Deozaan> Unless you own a bunch of roosters.
<EhtyarWRK> oh my god
<EhtyarWRK> you terrible people
<DaynaGirl> because the only cock I have is in a drawer.
<Deozaan> Ah. I hadn't considered dildos.
<Deozaan> Doesn't seem like sucking on a dildo would be very arousing, except perhaps to a voyeur.

What's faster?

<lanux128> go torrent your porn like a man! :P
<worstje> I hate torrenting porn.
<lanux128> yeah, local video shops are faster
<Deozaan> local women are faster ?
<lanux128> plus you might get to hook-up with other patrons
<lanux128> lol
<Deozaan> Or men, if you're into them.
<worstje> Self service is even faster, but let's carry on from there.
<lanux128> or both, if you're into that
<lanux128> :D
<Deozaan> lets just stop there before this escalates.
<Deozaan> Self service is illegal in some states. They say it's because it puts people out of a job.
<Deozaan> But that's the gasoline industry.
<Deozaan> Or is it?!