Aliens That Code

<Gothi[c]> const must always cast to const unless using const_cast :D
<Gothi[c]> but const_cast can only be used to convert constness
<JoTo> do you understand your sentece yourself?
<JoTo> LOL
<Gothi[c]> yes :(
<Gothi[c]> hehe
<Gothi[c]> i guess i'm an alien

Mouser is now driving (everyone prepare to die!)

<mouser> car in 2 hours!
<mouser> lord help you all
<Lashiec> thank God I don't live in the USA, no risk of being run over by mouser's car :P
* mouser looks up lashiec's address to drive over the ocean and run him over
<mouser> cars can drive on water right?
<Lashiec> <_<
<Lashiec> I truly fear for the well-being of your fellow neighbours