"its liquid awesoem you bitches"

<Krishean> http://draconislabs.net:8080/fade/textfade.html
<Krishean> it hates
<Menchi187|Laptop> lol
<Menchi187|Laptop> it does
<Krishean> what does it do to yours?
<yello_maniac> krish is the ghost of xmas robot
<Menchi187|Laptop> it shows "text fade" along the top and the rest is programming code
<yello_maniac> its like those programmable lights
<Krishean> uses a lot of cpu
<yello_maniac> kind of cool
<Krishean> and the memory fluctuates
<Krishean> i should submit it to google for testing
<Menchi187|Laptop> damn where'd G-man go
<yello_maniac> the cave
<Krishean> i bet they'll think "what the hell is this shit"
<yello_maniac> then youll be like "its liquid awesoem you bitches"
<Menchi187|Laptop> lol
<yello_maniac> then theyll probably ignore you but youll have the satisfaction that you called google a bunch of bitches
<Krishean> "its what happens when you have too much time, use too many timers and random number generators"