ewemoa name control

<mouser> every time a quote for ewemoa is added, ewemoa has to abandon that nickname as if it were contaminated
<mouser> app, feel free to add that quote
<mouser> add it under _3w3m0a_
<mouser> as that nick is too hard for me to pronounce and i want it killed.
<mouser> i have now asserted control over ewemoa's nicknames
<mouser> each time he joins with one i dont like i will invent a ewemoa quotable for it
<mouser> and force him off it
<_3w3m0a_> ah well, fare well
* _3w3m0a_ has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.1)

Cures Insomnia While Causing Indigestion?

<ewekoala> hi mouser and Vurbal :)
<Vurbal> good morning :)
<Vurbal> as if time of day matters to me since I go for 2 or 3 days at a time without sleeping :)
<ewekoala> really? i keep falling asleep :)
<Vurbal> you've been reading my posts I take it. I've always recommended them as a treatment for insomnia
<ewekoala> lol
<ewekoala> i enjoy your posts -- though i do tend to return to them multiple times to digest them
<martinrue> ewekoala between the two of you, you've found equilibrium… you'll only be able to stay awake once Vurbal starts falling to sleep
<Vurbal> yeah they give me indigestion sometimes too :)
<ewekoala> martinrue: hmmm...will that work?
<martinrue> ewekoala yeah, there's pure science behind it, trust me
<ewekoala> Vurbal: ha ha ha -- it's more like an earlier stage, having trouble trying to bite off a piece
<ewekoala> martinrue: hmm, trust...that's something i have trouble with :)
<martinrue> trust AND being awake?
<ewekoala> yes, it appears that i'm not good at much ;)
<Vurbal> just remember when you're reading my posts that the way I see the world everything is that complicated
<ewekoala> Vurbal: thanks for the tip :)  i guess it helps if i've had some green tea before hand