He's just not 'normal'

cATFLAP> damn .. my missus just came down the stairs and found me with delphi code on the screen .. i feel ashamed
cATFLAP> she should catch me with p0rn onscreen like other blokes

Mouse Wheels Rule!

joe90> the mouse wheel has to be one of the most useful improvements to the mouse that could have been made..
joe90> dunno how we survived without it..
Drk`Angel> We made it without penecillin for quite a while, I don't think the mouse wheel was that big of a deal. ;)
Drk`Angel> The Dawn of Time ... life emerges from the primordial ooze, finds that the mouse wheel hasn't yet been invented, and just gives up. History ends abruptly, and quite early.

geek sex

Shamurai> unzip; strip; touch; finger; mount; gasp; yes; umount; sleep

s0nted> unix sex
s0nted> updatedb, locate, talk, date, cd, strip, look, touch, finger, unzip, uptime, gawk, head, apt-get install condom, mount, fsck, gasp, more, yes, yes, yes, more, umount, apt-get remove --purge condom, make clean, sleep


nugget> oh, that kinda dealio.. we can shape our DRM interface to provide certain deals like that.. would just take a bit of custom mods
nugget> when it comes to DRM, we usually customize each customer who has it in place
Rahly> when it comes to DRM, we usually sodomize each customer who has it in place
nugget> well, sodomy isnt my strong suite
Rahly> suit or suite?
nugget> probably suit.. shall i begin sodomizing you?
Rahly> no, because i don't have drm in place
nugget> well thats just no good.
Rahly> thats just your opinion