App's Taskbar Closet Extender

<w3bcrawler> inb4 SynAckRst comes out of the closet
<SynAckRst> :-D
<SynAckRst> I was never in the closet!
<SynAckRst> The closet has monsters
<SynAckRst> I got away from the closet as soon as I could
<SynAckRst> I hear that is where April hides her remaining taskbar icons that don't fit in her taskbar any longer
<w3bcrawler> lmao
<GamingPhoeni> App's Taskbar Closet Extender : )
<app> SynAckRst: when I run out of taskbar space, I just do this:

<SynAckRst> OMG!
<SynAckRst> It's so angry!
<w3bcrawler> my eyes
<Deozaan> The goggles, they do nothing!
<w3bcrawler> lol
<w3bcrawler> +1 for Simpsons
<app> Oh, and I do own, and I do have some marvelous plans for it :D
<app> A website design that kind of resembles my desktop
<app> And all of my websites will become subsites under it
<w3bcrawler> D:
<app> it will be magnificent!
* w3bcrawler reports app for human rights violations
<app> making it responsive will be tricky
<w3bcrawler> you can't just do that to people's eyes you know
<app> Well the domain name will serve as a warning :P
<app> Don't worry, I won't make visitors hover over every icon
<w3bcrawler> :D

One Letter Makes a Difference

<sj1k> Man, turns out lots of things run freeBSD
<sj1k> Switch, BSD.  PS3/4,  BSD.  apple devices,  BSD.
<sj1k> the list goes on
<Deozaan> sj1k, BSD.
<sj1k> Deozaan, BSOD.
<sj1k> :P
<Deozaan> Microsoft Windows, BSOD
<franstam> yeah 1 letter makes heck of a difference doesnt it
<sj1k> Yeah, the difference between a bangin' operating system and an operating system going bang

A Series of Unfortunate Words

<Deozaan> I think I'm developing Alzheimer's. :-(
<Deozaan> I was trying to refer to A Series of Unfortunate Events, but I couldn't remember the title. So I said something like An Incongruous Event of Systems.
<Deozaan> Then I fumbled around with other words trying to say the right thing.
<Deozaan> Basically what came out of my mouth was a series of unfortunate words.


<edvard> the day before trump was elected, i had a dream that my job was managing a room full of trump clones that were to be used if he were assasinated
<edvard> they kept walking around the room talking to each other about "deals"
<edvard> as if they really enjoyed talking to someone that was truly, fundamentally, "on their level"
<edvard> because clones lol
<edvard> but it got me thinking
<edvard> what if you had a clone of yourself to talk to?  would you actually talk, or just nod at each other knowingly...
<w3bcrawler> plot twist: it wasn't a dream
<edvard> D:

Yes, I have a dark side

<SynAckRst> I am now aware of April's secret obsession that keeps her occupied
<SynAckRst> haha
<app> :P
<Stephen66> finding pictures of small homes she can runaway from her husband and live in?
<Stephen66> :P
<SynAckRst> April has a dark side
<SynAckRst> hahaha
<app> you mean you just figured that out?
<SynAckRst> Nah, I knew you had it
<SynAckRst> It is just weird to see it on display
<SynAckRst> haha
<SynAckRst> Almost like when Jesse talks on here or posts on doco
<SynAckRst> We all know it happens, but still
<app> :)


<SynAckRst> .slap Stephen66
* sjBot slaps Stephen66
* Stephen66 stabs SynAckRst
* SynAckRst slaps Stephen66 with a trust fall
<Stephen66> sjBot: give SynAckRst a present
* sjBot gives SynAckRst a doll filled with grenade parts.
<SynAckRst> sjBot: Give Stephen66 a present
* sjBot gives Stephen66 the remnants of josh's twin.
<SynAckRst> hahaha
<w3bcrawler> lol
<edvard> best sjbot present chain ever
<Stephen66> sjBot: give edvard a present
* sjBot gives edvard everything w3bcrawler ever wanted.
<edvard> oh gawd
<Stephen66> Edvard just got nudes of mouser!
<SynAckRst> hahaha
<edvard> now i have a room full of weed, a slick new laptop, and there's a girl in my house im going to have to get rid of before my wife gets home D:
<w3bcrawler> lol edvard knows me so well

The Vaping Bot

<edvard> sjbot > do you vape?
<sjBot> Yea I do.
<edvard> damn, errbodys vapin
<edvard> sjbot > what do you vape?
<sjBot> Everything.
<edvard> sjbot > do you vape socks?
<sjBot> Yes.
<edvard> O_O
<edvard> sjbot > how do you vape socks?
<sjBot> I don't care.
<Deozaan> He wasn't kidding.
<edvard> totally
<edvard> damn, that's hardcore vapin
<Deozaan> sjBot > do you vape stained undies?
<sjBot> Yes.
<edvard> >_<
<edvard> sjbot > can you vape while paragliding?
<sjBot> Yes.
<edvard> damn... talent
<Stephen66> sjBot > do you vape dead kittens?
<sjBot> Only for breakfast.
<Stephen66> LOL
<edvard> XD
<Stephen66> sjBot > do you vape through your penis
<sjBot> *moooore hugs*.
<Stephen66> wut
<edvard> o_O
<Stephen66> sjBot > do you vape chicken eggs
<sjBot> Yes.
<edvard> sjbot > what's the best vape?
<sjBot> You.
<edvard> O_O
<edvard> ok, this conversation is over

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9

<w3bcrawler> The 6th Gen Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 processors inside Surface Pro 4 are not only more powerful, they’re quieter, run cooler, and are more efficient than before. It's that kind of performance—plus impressive battery life of up to 9 hours
<w3bcrawler> holy shit, that's 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 in one sentence D:
<w3bcrawler> and 6
<w3bcrawler> as always, microsoft decided to skip 8 for the greater good... lol
<w3bcrawler> maybe not 1 sentence, but 1 breathless marketing doublespeak