Your dialup is too slow for our awesomeness

* PlasticYakuza has quit
<bv> man, i'm just always missin' people
<Setsuna-Xero> its the dailup
<Setsuna-Xero> before you can finish loading how awesome we are
<Setsuna-Xero> we're gone
<bv> ouch, low blow
<Setsuna-Xero> :P
<app> lol
<Setsuna-Xero> its so true though


<EhtyarWRK> oh dear god what the hell happened to sourceforge?
<KJM> ?
<EhtyarWRK> it's all baby blue
<EhtyarWRK> and even uglier than it used to be
<KJM> So it is.
<EhtyarWRK> it's like someone slaughtered a smurf on the sourceforge pages
<KJM> Good thing you can change the css and images.
<EhtyarWRK> i'd rather usability improvements instead of aesthetic improvements
<KJM> But that's real work.
<EhtyarWRK> mmm
<KJM> SmurfForge
<housetier> SmurfOrge
<housetier> and from there you get to SmurfOgre
<EhtyarWRK> LOL
<KJM> It does look like a smurf orgy
<KJM> Papa smurf goo everywhere.
<EhtyarWRK> ROFL
<KJM> I wish my stuff was neon glow in the dark.
<EhtyarWRK> lmfao
<EhtyarWRK> ur sick :P
<KJM> ty
<EhtyarWRK> buy a glow in the dark condom and u can have ur own personal lightsaber
<KJM> For me it would be more like a lightdagger
<EhtyarWRK> for most of us i think that's true, lol