This little girl is all business

<msocorcim> my daughter had just turned 2.. I took her to a lakefront park (more like a huge pond - a city reservoir)
<msocorcim> there were some ducks and a gaggle of enormous butt-ugly geese wandering around the boat ramp looking for handouts and litter
<msocorcim> she was tugging on my hand trying to get at them and I asked her what wants... she says lets get those ducks and eat them
<msocorcim> pretty damn funny... I was expecting the petting zoo thing, but she's all business

Recursive Wood

<Stephen66> any1 a live
<Stephen66> im guessing no then?
<mouser> i am now
<mouser> damn
<mouser> my brain is unhappy
<Stephen66> y
<Stephen66> also hi
<Stephen66> also
<Stephen66> mouser502?
<mouser> that is the bouncer mouser
<mouser> not me
<Stephen66> o0
<Stephen66> you not have access to it?
<mouser> i do but it's malfunctioning
<Stephen66> ah lol
<Stephen66> y u unhappy anyway
<Stephen66> or rather, ur brain
<Stephen66> crap
<Stephen66> got dc
<Stephen66> if u replied, say again
<mouser> i shouldnt say unhappy
<mouser> what i mean to say is fuzzy and buzzy
<mouser> i just woke up, yesterday was a bust,
<mouser> got up all excited to build some shelving
<mouser> and realized i fuckedup buying lumber
<Stephen66> how
<Stephen66> the hell
<Stephen66> can you mess up
<Stephen66> buying wood
<Stephen66> lol
<mouser> you can if you realize that the shelving you were going to build to hold wood would directly impair being able to access the wood
* Stephen66 says the person who just tried to code an entire website using BB Code, rather than HTML tags
<Stephen66> ah lol
<Stephen66> you have bought hold wood
<Stephen66> o0
<mouser> yes i know
<mouser> dont tell anyone here
<mouser> they will make fun of me
<Stephen66> lol
<mouser> but worse yet i realize now
<mouser> the only thing my shelves will do
<mouser> is PREVENT me from storing wood
<Stephen66> haha
<mouser> because you cant slide it in through the side
<mouser> or put it in from the front
<mouser> because of the uprights
<Stephen66> what do u need to store wood for, may i ask
<mouser> for building stuff like shelves.
<mouser> its a very complicated infinite recursion
<tonsofpcs> infinite?
<Stephen66> yeah haaha
<Stephen66> i see that
<tonsofpcs> mouser: build hooks not 'shelves' per se
<Stephen66> Buy wood, build shelves to store wood, store wood...repeat
<Stephen66> Or: simpler ready made shelves
<Stephen66> dont store wood
<Stephen66> buy wood when required
<Stephen66> xD
<mouser> its a big failage

mouser on gaming

<mouser>    :(
<mouser>    videogames have taught me i am an old man
<mouser>    so i tried mass effect 2 last night
<p3lb0x>    What do you think mouser? Have you played the first one?
<mouser>    i played the first one a bit
<mouser>    as for 2nd one.. i didnt enjoy my first play of it :(
<mouser>    ive turned into an old man
<mouser>    just too much noise and information overload
<mouser>    and things to deal with
<p3lb0x>    Hahahaha
<mouser>    i fucking hate squad games with a passion
<mouser>    i have enough trouble controlling my own life
<p3lb0x>    Oh
<mouser>    the idea of telling the rest of the squad what to do
<p3lb0x>    Just ignore your friends
<mouser>    is insane
<p3lb0x>    That's what I did like, 80 percent of the time
<mouser>    just do your fucking job
<mouser>    and leave me out of it
<p3lb0x>    I only controlled them when the game forced me to or when I had to position them to soak up fire
<mouser>    hey this makes me wonder
<mouser>    are there games where the player is in a squad and never has to think of orders
<mouser>    but just follow them
<mouser>    hell that seems 100x more relaxing to me
<mouser>    and fun
<p3lb0x>    Pretty much ever call of duty game so far, lol
<p3lb0x>    mouser, if that is your sole complaint about ME2 so far
<mouser>    hmm.. i might have to check that out
<p3lb0x>    Just do like me and ignore them unless the game forces you to order them around to continue
<mouser>    the first mission in ME2 was like designed to make me hate this game
<mouser>    a million explosions
<mouser>    everywhere
<scannie>    <mouser> and fun <- what? you find following orders without thinking fun?
<mouser>    ugh.. i just wanted to shut off the pc
<mouser>    i have no 3d sense of space
<mouser>    i get lost easily
<p3lb0x>    I enjoyed the talking sequences of ME2 the most though
<mouser>    and having to switch and use special forces
<mouser>    too much!!!
<p3lb0x>    All the small hints to ME1 when you import a save was great
<mouser>    just let me shoot things!!!!
<scannie>    protip: width height depth... not that complex :-)
<mouser>    yeah i really just want the story
<mouser>    and to kiss girls
<mouser>    in their tight suits
<mouser>    in space.
<p3lb0x>    The Japs create lots of games like that mouser ;P
<scannie>    and you need a gf, quick. :P
<mouser>    women i should say
<p3lb0x>    Also, where's App when you need something quoted?
<app>    <--
<p3lb0x>    Quote mouser, do it
<app>    what do you want quoted?
<mouser>    app dont listen to them
<p3lb0x>    Should be self explanatory
<app>    <mouser> yeah i really just want the story
<app>    <mouser> and to kiss girls
<app>    <mouser> in their tight suits
<app>    <mouser> in space.
<p3lb0x>    Yes
<mouser>    i never said such a thing
<mouser>    pay no attention
<app>    <mouser> just let me shoot things!!!! <--obviously not a puzzle game guy
<p3lb0x>    I thought mouser loved tower defense games
<mouser>    i need to go back to only playing sniper games
<mouser>    where its quiet
<mouser>    and i can just look through scope while hiding in hole
<p3lb0x>    Aren't there only like
<p3lb0x>    2 sniper games
*    scannie hands mouser a pet rock
<mouser>    there are some good ones
<p3lb0x>    Sniper Elite and one more I don't remember
<mouser>    Sniper Elite was great
<p3lb0x>    Oh yeah
<p3lb0x>    JFK reloaded
<mouser>    actually in ejoy the Hitman games too
<p3lb0x>    oh lol
<p3lb0x>    Hitman
<mouser>    s in/i
<p3lb0x>    Hitman is like
<mouser>    there were a couple of fps that were sniper-heavy too
<mouser>    delta force 2 i think
<p3lb0x>    Strangle two guards, someone spots you
<p3lb0x>    Decimate everyone in the level
<app>    i hate shootem up games
<scannie>    i hate games
<p3lb0x>    I think I've only achieved the best score on two levels in Hitman Bloodmoney
<p3lb0x>    Mouser, I just realized
<p3lb0x>    Do you realize that Mass Effect 2 is one of the EASIER games on the market?
<p3lb0x>    It's dumbed down for the consoles
<p3lb0x>    They took out the weapon upgrading
<p3lb0x>    For example
<mouser>    yes
<mouser>    i know thats why i thought i would like it
<mouser>    im going to start over
<mouser>    set it to "casual" mode
<p3lb0x>    Okay
<p3lb0x>    This time
<p3lb0x>    Play the solider
<mouser>    instead of normal
<p3lb0x>    *soldier
<p3lb0x>    They have like
<p3lb0x>    2 active abilities
<mouser>    i tried infiltrator
<p3lb0x>    And 4 passive
<mouser>    since they have sniper
<p3lb0x>    The Soldier also has the sniper
<mouser>    but maybe i should try solider as you say
<p3lb0x>    They have uh
<p3lb0x>    Concussive shot which is like a grenade launcher
<p3lb0x>    And 3 different special ammo types
<p3lb0x>    Oh yeah, they also have bullet time
<mouser>    im going to make a game
<mouser>    called AYHIASR
<mouser>    aka All You Have Is A Sniper Rifle
<app>    lol
<mouser>    special powers are for babies
<p3lb0x>    Mouser, so basically you're going to remake JFK reloaded
<mouser>    yeah
<app>    sounds very simple...nothing to remember
<app>    that's why i can't stand these games...too much shit to remember
<p3lb0x>    Oh yeah, you're not going to like the second sniper you get
<p3lb0x>    app, lol. Point gun at enemies, press fire. Ocassional press 1, 2 or 3 depending on whether your enemy is a robot, organic or you don't know
<p3lb0x>    *occasionally
<app>    but i can never remember what 1 2 & 3 are supposed to do
<p3lb0x>    Okay then
<mouser>    wtf
<mouser>    123
<mouser>    just let me pull the fucking trigger
<mouser>    arghhhhh
<mouser>    stop with all the buttons!!!!
<p3lb0x>    Mouser
<app>    it's like playing pinball on the computer...i can never remember which keys are for the nudge, which is for left and which is for right
<app>    so i never bother with them
<p3lb0x>    You do realize, that you only need to press one of those once per engagement as the effect is on until you chose the next one
<p3lb0x>    Hell
<mouser>    thats so annoying
<app>    i agree
*    Intrepid gives channel operator status to Metshrine
<p3lb0x>    You could just use the general ammo type that does +30% damage to everything and not bother with the specialized ones that do +40% to a specific type
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<mouser>    i wish they had made a version of the game that makes you not have to make these choices
<mouser>    and this time im going to play as a woman
<mouser>    i thought i would enjoy playing as a man so i could have a girlfriend in the game
<mouser>    but its annoying watching me
<p3lb0x>    you know
<app>    lol
<mouser>    so ill be a woman, at least i can enjoy watching myself
<p3lb0x>    You can still have a girlfriend as a female
<mouser>    yeah that too
<app>    what mouser needs is a special version of the sims, where he can go postal and shoot people, then visit his sim girlfriend
<Metshrine>    They have the second part already
<Metshrine>    plus a nudity mod
<Metshrine>    so he can even simulate that part of it!
<scannie>    <@mouser> so ill be a woman
<scannie>    nuff said
*    Metshrine has changed the topic to: <@mouser> i thought i would enjoy playing as a man
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<Metshrine>    scannie: Donde esta un biblioteca?
<JeseRchlr>    I am Mr. Bombastic! When we have sex it's fantastic! I stick to you like your underwears elastic. I do all of that because I am Mr. Bombastic!
*    JeseRchlr has quit (Client Quit)
<scannie>    josh: UNA biblioteca
<Metshrine>    I say un
<Metshrine>    deal with it!
<Metshrine>    ;-)
<mouser>    who wants to go shopping with me
<Metshrine>    OMG!
<Metshrine>    He's turning into a woman!
<mouser>    oh be quiet
*    Metshrine throws testerone boosters at Jesse
<Metshrine>    Quick
<mouser>    who is the one who has been begging for a teddy bear
<Metshrine>    take them all!
<mouser>    for months
<Metshrine>    We will save your manhood
<mouser>    and crying himself to sleep without it
<Metshrine>    Mouser: I am trying to add to my support of donationcoder
<Metshrine>    if you would prefer I won't
<mouser>    im just teasing!!
<Metshrine>    heh
<Metshrine>    such a tard
<scannie>    mouser: that´s prolly me