Recursive Wood

<Stephen66> any1 a live
<Stephen66> im guessing no then?
<mouser> i am now
<mouser> damn
<mouser> my brain is unhappy
<Stephen66> y
<Stephen66> also hi
<Stephen66> also
<Stephen66> mouser502?
<mouser> that is the bouncer mouser
<mouser> not me
<Stephen66> o0
<Stephen66> you not have access to it?
<mouser> i do but it's malfunctioning
<Stephen66> ah lol
<Stephen66> y u unhappy anyway
<Stephen66> or rather, ur brain
<Stephen66> crap
<Stephen66> got dc
<Stephen66> if u replied, say again
<mouser> i shouldnt say unhappy
<mouser> what i mean to say is fuzzy and buzzy
<mouser> i just woke up, yesterday was a bust,
<mouser> got up all excited to build some shelving
<mouser> and realized i fuckedup buying lumber
<Stephen66> how
<Stephen66> the hell
<Stephen66> can you mess up
<Stephen66> buying wood
<Stephen66> lol
<mouser> you can if you realize that the shelving you were going to build to hold wood would directly impair being able to access the wood
* Stephen66 says the person who just tried to code an entire website using BB Code, rather than HTML tags
<Stephen66> ah lol
<Stephen66> you have bought hold wood
<Stephen66> o0
<mouser> yes i know
<mouser> dont tell anyone here
<mouser> they will make fun of me
<Stephen66> lol
<mouser> but worse yet i realize now
<mouser> the only thing my shelves will do
<mouser> is PREVENT me from storing wood
<Stephen66> haha
<mouser> because you cant slide it in through the side
<mouser> or put it in from the front
<mouser> because of the uprights
<Stephen66> what do u need to store wood for, may i ask
<mouser> for building stuff like shelves.
<mouser> its a very complicated infinite recursion
<tonsofpcs> infinite?
<Stephen66> yeah haaha
<Stephen66> i see that
<tonsofpcs> mouser: build hooks not 'shelves' per se
<Stephen66> Buy wood, build shelves to store wood, store wood...repeat
<Stephen66> Or: simpler ready made shelves
<Stephen66> dont store wood
<Stephen66> buy wood when required
<Stephen66> xD
<mouser> its a big failage