Programming Problems

<Stephen66> "Could not find XULRunner in /bin/debug/
<lanux128> you should shout harder!
<lanux128> it can't hear you
<mouser> stephen deep breaths!
<Stephen66> I'm having programming problems...not in labor...

If NT4 Was Self Aware

<[e]dvard> i suffered with an nt4 workstation for 3 years at that place
<[e]dvard> from 2003!!
<app103> could have been worse
<app103> you could have been using WinME on a Pentium I, over 33.6k dialup
<[e]dvard> i did that, but it was at home, not work :P
<[e]dvard> what was funny was the machine it ran on was like 1.x GHz with 2 GB of RAM
<[e]dvard> i mean, nt4 was designed to run comfy on a 486 with 256 MB of RAM
<[e]dvard> but it didn't run any snappier than any other computer
<[e]dvard> if OSs were self-aware, it was like nt4 "knew" it was grandpa driving a lamborghini to the bingo hall
<[e]dvard> and went 40mph the whole way anyway
<rgdot> it was self regulating its own power use
<[e]dvard> yeah, something like that
<[e]dvard> "2GB of RAM? Hold the gravy, grandma, I'm getting a little woozy"
<rgdot> hehe
<[e]dvard> and running firefox on it was a trip
<[e]dvard> firefox was like a little kid pulling on grandpa's elbow, saying "let's ride the CYCLONE, gramps!!"
<rgdot> "oh no Flash not letting me go full speed ahead"