Naked Coding

<DaynaGirl> anyways... I was in the gym skipping gym.
<DaynaGirl> and I see this guy (whooo hoo he was hot) going into a room above the gym.
<DaynaGirl> so I ask around and find out they got a new computer for the school and people are welcome to check it out.
<DaynaGirl> I go up there and I'm the only girl up there.
<DaynaGirl> I check it out and its pretty cool... video screens and stuff.
<DaynaGirl> I talk to my hunky pants and he only wants to talk about the machinery...
<DaynaGirl> so I went to the library and got a book.
<DaynaGirl> but he is way over my head...
<DaynaGirl> turns out he is like a savant... absolutely brilliant at math and has a knack at computers.
<DaynaGirl> anyways... I join his little clique and soon we're dating.
<DaynaGirl> and dating leads to naked coding and well... you can learn alot doing that.
<DaynaGirl> anyways... I eventually dumped him.
<DaynaGirl> but he taught me I could be creative using computers... something I had an itch to do.
<DaynaGirl> cuz I can't sing, can't dance, and I specially can't draw.
<DaynaGirl> and apparently I can't sew either :-)  *laugh*