Getting Your Ass Kicked by Turkey/Giraffe Mutants in a Real Life PvP Zone

<w3bcrawler> back
<w3bcrawler> went around the bird park.. got cornered by 3 geese at one point
<lanux128> you! you bird watcher!
<w3bcrawler> seriously man they were scary as @$#@
<app> cody's minions
<w3bcrawler> they had their necks all tucked in ready to attack, and were hissing and spitting
<w3bcrawler> i try to go around them and they fan out
<w3bcrawler> lol @app
<lanux128> did you aggro them all at once?
<w3bcrawler> 3 geese "so where's your NANY pledge for this year?"
<lanux128> didn't you learn anything from MMOs? :P
<lanux128> you aggro one at a time then kite them
<lanux128> :D
<app> i guess he wasn't wearing his special hat
<w3bcrawler> if it wasn't illegal i would have just walked by and beat the piss out of them if they tried anything
<lanux128> or carrying his special staff
<app> or maybe he needs to level up first
<lanux128> he needs to respec 1st
<lanux128> he was all geared up for dragons and wargs
<lanux128> :D
<w3bcrawler> worgs*
<w3bcrawler> worgen*
<app> wrong realm
<lanux128> lol
<w3bcrawler> i just walked into a PvP zone without knowing it
<lanux128> teleported without checking
<lanux128> leroy jenkins!
<lanux128> a gander of geese, right?
<lanux128> no, a gaggle
<app> at least he didn't have to do battle with the goose that eats the golden coins...yet
<w3bcrawler> it would be shit out of luck cuz i haz no coins
<app> you might have a hard time getting him to believe that when he's hungry
<w3bcrawler>     this x3
<w3bcrawler> or
<w3bcrawler> (last one has baby geese :D)
<w3bcrawler> it must be weird getting your ass kicked by some turkey/giraffe mutant
<w3bcrawler> that's what i'd be having after
<w3bcrawler> o.O


<[e]dvard> now
<[e]dvard> im not the least bit racist
<[e]dvard> but
<[e]dvard> damn
<[e]dvard> comments there make me want to repeatedly smack something gelatinous
<w3bcrawler> a giant tub of jell-o?
<[e]dvard> i think i'd get an immense amount of satisfaction taking a pizza peel to a 2x2x2 cube of ballistic gel
<[e]dvard> a SOLID MAPLE pizza peel
<[e]dvard> sssssMACKKKKK!!!
<[e]dvard> *schlorp*
<[e]dvard> hehe... sssssMACKKKKK!!
<[e]dvard> *schlup*
<[e]dvard> <giggle> SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK!!
<[e]dvard> "I don't want to live in this kind of world. There's some guy out there forcing black babies to use racist emojis and that needs to stop."
<[e]dvard> smACK!!