I am suing you for the cost of two tylenol tablets

<Krishean> boolean logic is fun and useful
<Metshrine> bs it is
<Metshrine> its as useful as classes in c++
<Metshrine> :-P
<Metshrine> USELESS
<Krishean> app post that quote you have from me that uses all boolean logic
<app> hmmm
<Krishean> the one with "what does it do? nobody will ever know"
<app> <Krishean> y[F1]=(e&(~f))^(~((g&x[Cn]&(~x[M]))|(h&(~x[M])))); <Krishean> what does it do??? <Krishean> the world may never know
<app> that one?
<Krishean> yeah that
<Krishean> thats pure boolean logic
<Metshrine> wtf
<Metshrine> umm
<Metshrine> my head hurts looking at that
<Krishean> thats the reaction most people have lol
<Metshrine> I am suing you for the cost of two tylenol tablets
<Metshrine> my head will never be the same
<Krishean> also, thats in javascript

Fix Your Teeth with Regular Expressions

<Krishean> http://www.walgreens.com/dbimagecache/03700042728_450x450_a.jpg
<Krishean> my roommate has that
<Krishean> i put a piece of tape over "whitening" and wrote "regular" on it, so now it says crest regular expressions
<Krishean> im in ur teeth, matching & replacing

Making a bootable windows 7 usb drive is as strenuous as moving furniture

<mouser> so what's everyone got planned for the weekend?
<Lashiec> sheltering myself at home with lots of papers
<DaynaGirl> I'm going camping and fishing
<Krishean> im building another computer
<housetier> mouser: I am helping a FoF move into a new home
<housetier> down from the 5th floor and up to the 5th floor...
<DaynaGirl> good view that 5th floor
<DaynaGirl> do they at least have an elevator?
<DaynaGirl> suitable for furniture?
<Krishean> making bootable windows 7 usb drive takes awhile...
<mouser> thats nice
<mouser> stretch your back beforehand
<mouser> and take advil beforehand
<Krishean> oh i will