Google Speech to Text

<Stephen66> o_0 wtf
<Stephen66> Anybody else noticed that google can now transcribe the fucking audio of videos?!
<Stephen66> although, it fails miserably
<Stephen66> <--- lmao, click transcribe on mah video
<Stephen66> You dont even need to listen to me
<Stephen66> just read what it thinks im saying
<Stephen66> its actually making me laugh LOUD, with what it thinks im saying
<Krishean> and even a perl script for your amusement
<Stephen66> "For this you just want to click" is apparently transcribed into "And she just wanted to come"
<Krishean> lol
<Krishean> google speech to text, turning stephen into an erotic novel author since 2011
<Stephen66> how the fuck does "Yiou can drag this around" transcribe to: "Drugs continue to keep a lid certificates of optical"
<Stephen66> Click Properties = "Perfect but witness already off of the hospital, but defaults to upright walking"
<Stephen66> this is fucking stupid
<Stephen66> lmao
<Stephen66> LOLOLOL
<Stephen66> "It will take y ou down to this option"
<Stephen66> no fucking way
<Stephen66> transcribes to
<Stephen66> "I will tell you...dont pay children"