The board game site that will “ruin your life”

<Metshrine> Why do women have to be such a bitch!
<Metshrine> UGH!
<EhtyarWRK> it's ok josh, i'm sure the military wouldn't object to you getting sexual reassignment surgery
<Metshrine> But that would make me a bitch
<Metshrine> instead of an asshat :(
<Metshrine> Can't be both
<Metshrine> :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
* Metshrine violates mousey with a broomstick
<mouser> ive been lost on the board game geeks site for hours
<mouser> fucking hell its like getting swallowed into a black hole
<EhtyarWRK> rofl
<EhtyarWRK> this is why i hate you when post the fucking flash game of the week
<mouser> this is much much worse
<EhtyarWRK> i lose like two hours of my life
<Metshrine> shhhh
<Metshrine> dont encourage him
<Metshrine> if he knows people actually read his posts, he will keep making them
<mouser> i think ive been here for like 5 hours
<Metshrine> let the sleeping dog lie
<EhtyarWRK> omfg mouse man
<EhtyarWRK> do they actually still make that many board games?
<mouser> im going to have to post this
<mouser> link
<mouser> and ruin other lives
<EhtyarWRK> lol
<mouser> prepare yourself
* Metshrine has kicked mouser from #donationcoder (DONT DO IT!!!!!)
* mouser has joined #donationcoder
<EhtyarWRK> and you don't consider yourself a bitch Joshua...
<Metshrine> nope
<Metshrine> just an asshat
<Metshrine> if i were a bitch, i would TAKE IT from mousey
<Metshrine> but mousey doesn't have the stones to give it to me :)
<MouserBot> [DC Forum] The Dice Tower - Top 100 Board Games Ranked with Video Reviews - Living Room - by mouser -
<mouser> ehahahah
<mouser> you guys
<mouser> you have to see what i found in this video review

Why is nobody ever interested in my ideas?

<Krishean> why is nobody ever interested in my ideas
<bv> 'cause you're not paid enough for people to care what you think
<app> so what is your idea?
<Krishean> lol making horrible things in javascript
<Krishean> like combining several javascript engines to compile javascript to native exe
<Krishean> exe's*
<Krishean> and making an extension to javascript that lets you specify sections of assembly code to be compiled
<Krishean> then rewriting the whole thing in javascript and make it compile itself
<app> LOL
<Krishean> don't lol its one of the things i want to do
<app> i don't think anyone on the forum has requested that as a coding snack
<Krishean> its just a monstorous amount of work
<Krishean> i don't think that would be classified as a coding snack
<Krishean> it would pretty much writing a new javascript engine
<app> right

Ejectile Dysfunction

<Deozaan> About 3 weeks ago my brother called me to tell me he had ED.
<Deozaan> Rather, his Wii had ED.
<Deozaan> (Ejectile Dysfunction)
<Deozaan> It wouldn't eject the disc that was in the Wii.
<Deozaan> So he called Nintendo and they said he should ship it in to get it repaired.
<Deozaan> But that would have cost something like $90 or so.
<Deozaan> So he found a triwing screwdriver on DealExtreme and bought it so he could take it apart himself and see if he could fix it himself.
<mouser> WTF
<mouser> scammers
<Deozaan> And it took about a week and a half to arrive.
<Deozaan> His Wii is out of warranty, so no scam.
<Deozaan> Anyway
<Deozaan> He decided to wait for me so we could take it apart together and try to figure out what was wrong with it.
<Deozaan> So I finally had a chance to go there last night.
<Deozaan> We probably spent about 30-45 minutes figuring out how to take the side panel off, finding all the hidden screws and things.
<Deozaan> And we open it up and look at it.
<Deozaan> And it immediately became apparent as to why it wouldn't eject the disc.
<Deozaan> Because there was no disc in it.
<Deozaan> So he had thought his Wii was broken and unplayable for about 3 weeks because he thought it wouldn't eject a disc but there was no disc in it and he never attempted to put another disc in it all that time.

PC rebooted

<Shinigami-Sama> when did I DC
<Shinigami-Sama> just a couple min ago?
<Shinigami-Sama> PC rebooted -_-
<Shinigami-Sama> fucking piss me off
<yello_grundle> bout an hour ago i think
<Shinigami-Sama> -_-
<Shinigami-Sama> wtf does my family do?
<Shinigami-Sama> it only reboots when I'm not there
<Shinigami-Sama> unless I crash it playing a game
<Shinigami-Sama> so what the grundle are you ladies up to?
<yello_grundle> rebootin your computer when youre not at home

Why some topics should be banned from nice chatrooms

or maybe just Metshrine :-P

<Metshrine> religion is a choice, keep it to yourself
<scancode> sorry, misread.
<Metshrine> Like sexuality
<Metshrine> I don't care what sexuality/religion you choose
<Metshrine> keep it to yourself and away from me
<Metshrine> I will do the same
<Deozaan> Practice what you preach Metshrine
* housetier sports his metrosexuality
<scancode> :)
<Deozaan> stop raping us all in the channel
<Metshrine> deo?
<Metshrine> thats not preaching my sexuality
<Metshrine> thats fulfilling my sexual desires
<Metshrine> ;-)
<Metshrine> plus, you never say no
<Metshrine> so....
<Deozaan> keep your sexuality to yourself!
<Metshrine> make what you will of that
<Deozaan> You don't ask me first.
<scancode> Let's all buy Metshrine an inflatable doll.
<Deozaan> You just...
<Deozaan> do it.
<Deozaan> :(
<Deozaan> :<
<Metshrine> I always make the people who come to my door with copies of "The watchtower" sit through my 20 minute speech on why I believe in the flying spaghetti monster
<Deozaan> I feel so violated!
<Deozaan> Do you really?
<Metshrine> yes
<Metshrine> every time
<scancode> Metshrine, I WANT A COPY OF THAT SPEECH
<scancode> NOW!@
<Metshrine> I am working on a video version
<Deozaan> Me too.
<Metshrine> myw ife is helping
<Metshrine> we tell them, if you can sit through my presentation, I will listen to yours
<Metshrine> and I do
<Deozaan> I need to find a copy of the watchtower so I can deliver it to your house and hear the speech
<Metshrine> if they last, I listen
<Metshrine> to every word
<scancode> note: not all Jehovah's Witnesses are tards, or try to preach on you.
<Metshrine> I know
<Metshrine> but it's when they OFFER to tell me more
<Deozaan> Note: Not all Christians are tards, or try to preach to you.
<Metshrine> that I say listen to my speech first
<Deozaan> Note: Not all Muslims are terrorists, or try to blow you up.
<scancode> ROFL
<Metshrine> deozaan: but all it takes is most of them
<Deozaan> Note: Not all Jews are trying to rip you off, or deserve to be gassed.
<Metshrine> quote Eric Cartman
<scancode> Deozaan, assface, I spilled my coke!
<Metshrine> hahahaha
<Metshrine> ^5 deo
<Deozaan> Note: Not all blacks like fried chicken, or watermelons.
<Metshrine> Note: Not all asians make great calculators
<Deozaan> Note: Not all hispanics are lazy, or in gangs.
<scancode> Note: stop posting notes.
<Deozaan> Note: Note received. Ending notes.
<Metshrine> Note: Not all people named deozaan's are hiding "in the closet"
<scancode> note: 's is completely unnecessary
<Metshrine> eat a dick
<Deozaan> Haha
<Deozaan> love it.
<Deozaan> An Argentinian correcting an American on his English.

Safe USB Sex

<scancode> WHO on its sane mind would allow something with an USB port on a side 'massage' a random body part... I mean, some computers give a lovely electrical shock via USB ports ;-)
<Deozaan> That's why you use a rubber.
<Deozaan> Rubber = not conducive to electricity
<scancode> I find the fact that that's under "USB Gadgets" DEEPLY disturbing.
<Deozaan> Practice safe USB sex! Use a rubber.