Why some topics should be banned from nice chatrooms

or maybe just Metshrine :-P

<Metshrine> religion is a choice, keep it to yourself
<scancode> sorry, misread.
<Metshrine> Like sexuality
<Metshrine> I don't care what sexuality/religion you choose
<Metshrine> keep it to yourself and away from me
<Metshrine> I will do the same
<Deozaan> Practice what you preach Metshrine
* housetier sports his metrosexuality
<scancode> :)
<Deozaan> stop raping us all in the channel
<Metshrine> deo?
<Metshrine> thats not preaching my sexuality
<Metshrine> thats fulfilling my sexual desires
<Metshrine> ;-)
<Metshrine> plus, you never say no
<Metshrine> so....
<Deozaan> keep your sexuality to yourself!
<Metshrine> make what you will of that
<Deozaan> You don't ask me first.
<scancode> Let's all buy Metshrine an inflatable doll.
<Deozaan> You just...
<Deozaan> do it.
<Deozaan> :(
<Deozaan> :<
<Metshrine> I always make the people who come to my door with copies of "The watchtower" sit through my 20 minute speech on why I believe in the flying spaghetti monster
<Deozaan> I feel so violated!
<Deozaan> Do you really?
<Metshrine> yes
<Metshrine> every time
<scancode> Metshrine, I WANT A COPY OF THAT SPEECH
<scancode> NOW!@
<Metshrine> I am working on a video version
<Deozaan> Me too.
<Metshrine> myw ife is helping
<Metshrine> we tell them, if you can sit through my presentation, I will listen to yours
<Metshrine> and I do
<Deozaan> I need to find a copy of the watchtower so I can deliver it to your house and hear the speech
<Metshrine> if they last, I listen
<Metshrine> to every word
<scancode> note: not all Jehovah's Witnesses are tards, or try to preach on you.
<Metshrine> I know
<Metshrine> but it's when they OFFER to tell me more
<Deozaan> Note: Not all Christians are tards, or try to preach to you.
<Metshrine> that I say listen to my speech first
<Deozaan> Note: Not all Muslims are terrorists, or try to blow you up.
<scancode> ROFL
<Metshrine> deozaan: but all it takes is most of them
<Deozaan> Note: Not all Jews are trying to rip you off, or deserve to be gassed.
<Metshrine> quote Eric Cartman
<scancode> Deozaan, assface, I spilled my coke!
<Metshrine> hahahaha
<Metshrine> ^5 deo
<Deozaan> Note: Not all blacks like fried chicken, or watermelons.
<Metshrine> Note: Not all asians make great calculators
<Deozaan> Note: Not all hispanics are lazy, or in gangs.
<scancode> Note: stop posting notes.
<Deozaan> Note: Note received. Ending notes.
<Metshrine> Note: Not all people named deozaan's are hiding "in the closet"
<scancode> note: 's is completely unnecessary
<Metshrine> eat a dick
<Deozaan> Haha
<Deozaan> love it.
<Deozaan> An Argentinian correcting an American on his English.


Internet Strategist said...

I had a manager who was tired of being interrupted when Jehovah Witnesses or Seventh Day Adventists came to his door. One day they got him out of the shower and he answered the door in a towel.

He dropped the towel, said "oops" and turned around to pick it up. He said they never came back after that.

Jesus never knocked on anyone's door and he didn't have his Disciples do that either. He walked through a town and if no one invited him in he went on his way and instructed them to do the same.