Sail and Sink Robot

* app has changed the topic to: | Mouser spent all the donations on a small yacht, named it "Sail and Sink Robot". He is currently sailing it in his bathtub.
<JoTo> LOL@topic
<JoTo> Hi app
<app> hi joto
<Deozaan> If it was the Sail and Sink Yacht it would be SASY.
<Deozaan> If he was German, it would be Sail und Sink Yacht, and he could say he was in the bathtub with Susy.


<kuro666> mudkips
<kuro666> I said like em
<kuro666> >.>
<kuro666> like em
<kuro666> they keep making the office at work super cold at night
<kuro666> to the point the windows frost up
<kuro666> so I wrote MUDKIPS real big on one of the windows by my cube with my hand
<kuro666> and the A/C nazi walked by and sad "wtf who keeps doing this? we always have to get someone to wipe down the windows"
<kuro666> guy in the cube next to mine blurts out with "if if wasn't so fucking cold it wouldn't be a problem"
<kuro666> I was about to chime in to back him up but he ended up getting his ass reamed so I just kept my thoughts to myself
<kuro666> I am more curious about who else is writing mudkips on the windows
<kuro666> or maybe I do it more often than I remember