Getting your wireless to work with Linux

<_Ehtyar> wow
<_Ehtyar> linux is just plain embarassing when it comes to wireless
<_Ehtyar> go compile this driver
<_Ehtyar> now add this to this config and reboot
<_Ehtyar> that didn't work?
<_Ehtyar> ok, add this to that config file
<_Ehtyar> oh and your 32 character network key needs to be written in hex
<_Ehtyar> oh that didn't work? try prefixing the string with s:
<_Ehtyar> no good?
<_Ehtyar> ok, add this config to that file and reboot
<_Ehtyar> oh no wait, install this package and recompile/reinstall that driver
<_Ehtyar> now download this package and run it
<_Ehtyar> (hello dipshit, i have no internet)
<_Ehtyar> *sigh*
<_Ehtyar> *give up*
<_Ehtyar> </rant>
<_Ehtyar> i was actually pretty impressed up until that point
<_Ehtyar> ubuntu isn't half bad
<_Ehtyar> debian...*shudder*

Japanese is Difficult

<ShotZ> Nihongo ga hanaseru youni narimasu youni. - I wish to be able to speak Japanese.
<MusicalMind> ShotZ: Get something that teaches it then :D
* ShotZ grins.
<ShotZ> I tried.  It's not an easy language.  I had an easier time learning C++.
* Michellette spits coffee
* ShotZ offers a napkin.
<Michellette> such a gentleman
* ShotZ grins.

I remember working with real code

<app103> WB muppet1  <muppet1> if the batch file I made on my work pc was tangible, it would be worn out from me petting & cuddling it.  I love code like other ppl love kittens

<muppet1> ah i remember working with real code
<muppet1> code that worked
<muppet1> those were the days
<muppet1> now i am tortured by microsoft
<muppet1> a spaghetti code topped off with a house of cards
<muppet1> m$ access is not friend
<muppet1> i miss my cuddly batch file
<muppet1> i am going to go drown my sorrow in macros
<scancode> M$ Access is TEH SHIT
<muppet1> minus the
<scancode> nope
<muppet1> yep
<scancode> ppl think they can code full-blown commercial systems on it
<scancode> thus giving me some work to do :D
<muppet1> mhm
<muppet1> THEY THINK
<muppet1> it is a teaching tool
<muppet1> not business tool
<muppet1> it is a business bane
<muppet1> my bane
<scancode> /s/think/assume
<scancode> access is great for making frontends
<muppet1> i should have warm feelings for it because i really love my job.  i have my own office.  live comfortably...  i was shocked when they gave me a raise.  i felt guilty taking it
<muppet1> yes it is good for front ends
<muppet1> they don't give me write privileges on sql, oracle, or any thing that would be a suitable place for data
<scancode> lol
<muppet1> so the data stays in the jet engine
<scancode> mount a tiny mysql or something
<muppet1> as the birds their opinion on jet engine
<muppet1> the way the network is set up, that isn't likely to happen
<muppet1> hey have critical systems they protect like diamonds
<muppet1> i got a "daily security audit report" because the TECH used my login to fix an issue on my pc
<muppet1> so they gave me a 'warning' and demanded i change it immediately
<muppet1> i wanted to listen to music from a usb...  the security system had a stroke.  "what are you doing with that? you can't have that here.  all information here is protected by law..............................................blah ......................................blah
<scancode> lol

C++ is Comparable to...

<prohacker69> hey
<prohacker69> the css hack isn't working for me
<Misao-chan> This isn't a hack channel, get the fuck out you stupid troll.
<prohacker69> is anyone here?
<Shahid> synchronised(mutex) { ... } :)
<Shahid> just wraps it in a pthread_mutex_lock/unlock but i like the syntax
<Misao-chan> You should set +R
<Misao-chan> >.>
<Shahid> maybe, but it's not a problem atm, unless cn28h thinks so
<Shahid> hardly anyone interested in C, i bet c++ is active
<C-o-r-E> #c++ we mainly talk about tentacle rape
<C-o-r-E> which is very much the style of the language
<Misao-chan> C++ is only semi-active <.<
<Misao-chan> Also, if programming in C++ is comparable to tentacle rape, then I wish I were a female anime character (IRC handle notwithstanding)