<Menchi187> something something maple leaf something something
* Shinigami-Sama replaces mench's coffee with maple
* Shinigami-Sama makes sure its cheap walmart brand maple
<Menchi187> ha!
<Menchi187> i dont drink coffee
* omgplzstfukthx throws taylor ham in shin's maple
<omgplzstfukthx> taylor ham > canadian bacon
<Shinigami-Sama> 'canadian bacon' is another american thing
<Shinigami-Sama> like maple syrup
<Shinigami-Sama> we make it.. but we dont eat it..
<Shinigami-Sama> often at least
<app> WB Menchi187  <Menchi187> if i never type again,its because i died of food poisoning from these cheap bacon things
* Menchi187 has joined #animeyakuza

Structural Integrity Is Overrated

<mouser> whats the correct # of screws to have left over afer disassembling and reassembling a laptop
<mouser> i hope its 3
<w3bcrawlr> LOL probably not
<w3bcrawlr> but it's probably better than the answer Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy would give you
<w3bcrawlr> god i love kevin o'leary such a ruthless bastard
<Gothi[c]> any number is a good nubmer so long it boots
<Gothi[c]> structural integrity is overrated
<Gothi[c]> poor structural integrity gives a laptop personality... like. you have to hit it in just the right way to make it work.

The Secret Behind Da Vinci's Muse

When my daughter was about 9, she made the observation that I looked a lot like the Mona Lisa. And ever since then, when pointed out, a lot of people do agree. Well, today she contacted me on Facebook, and this little conversation transpired…

<daughter> Another painting that reminds me of you. I think, perhaps, that you may have a very classic face. :)


<me> maybe
<me> or perhaps she is related to the other painting of a woman that reminds you of me ;-)
<daughter> I think you're a time traveler.
<me> or da Vinci was :-P
<daughter> Don't lie! I'm on to you, woman.
<me> lol
<daughter> But it's ok, I won't tell anyone else your secret.
<me> gives a whole new meaning to "perpetually 19"
<me> you'll learn soon have my family's genes in you
<me> we don't age like other people
<me> which is why people still think you aren't old enough to drink
<daughter> Haha... nope. We don't!
<daughter> And we're nocturnal.
<daughter> So... maybe there wasn't any time travel.
<daughter> Just... vampires.
<me> i have never been a vampire...just a well preserved zombie
<daughter> Lol
<me> and well, da vinci did have brains :-P
<daughter> I bet they were delicious, you fiendish ghoul, you!
<me> now you know the secret behind the mona lisa's mysterious smile :-P
<daughter> Braaaaaaains!
<me> :-D