The Secret Behind Da Vinci's Muse

When my daughter was about 9, she made the observation that I looked a lot like the Mona Lisa. And ever since then, when pointed out, a lot of people do agree. Well, today she contacted me on Facebook, and this little conversation transpired…

<daughter> Another painting that reminds me of you. I think, perhaps, that you may have a very classic face. :)


<me> maybe
<me> or perhaps she is related to the other painting of a woman that reminds you of me ;-)
<daughter> I think you're a time traveler.
<me> or da Vinci was :-P
<daughter> Don't lie! I'm on to you, woman.
<me> lol
<daughter> But it's ok, I won't tell anyone else your secret.
<me> gives a whole new meaning to "perpetually 19"
<me> you'll learn soon have my family's genes in you
<me> we don't age like other people
<me> which is why people still think you aren't old enough to drink
<daughter> Haha... nope. We don't!
<daughter> And we're nocturnal.
<daughter> So... maybe there wasn't any time travel.
<daughter> Just... vampires.
<me> i have never been a vampire...just a well preserved zombie
<daughter> Lol
<me> and well, da vinci did have brains :-P
<daughter> I bet they were delicious, you fiendish ghoul, you!
<me> now you know the secret behind the mona lisa's mysterious smile :-P
<daughter> Braaaaaaains!
<me> :-D