Converting Snacks Into Light Speed

<Krishean> plastic i once used google to calculate how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches it would take to reach the speed of light
<desu-mute> do you still have teh answer?
<Krishean> i don't remember
<Krishean> you convert the sandwiches to calories and then use E = mc^2
<bvilletrav> wow...
<desu-mute> I see
<Krishean> or in google language, "per e"
<Krishean> *"per c"
<desu-mute> 1:30am saturday morning and here I am converting snacks into light speed
<desu-mute> where did I go wrong in life?


<Deozaan> I'm not even tempted to click that link.
<p3lb0x> Why not?
<Deozaan> Because I don't want to see a picture of boners.
<p3lb0x> technology boners
<p3lb0x> It's my parts
<p3lb0x> Not as in private parts
<p3lb0x> but as in computer parts
<Deozaan> I don't want to see your boner.
<p3lb0x> :
<p3lb0x> Do you seriously want me to rename the picture? ;)
<Deozaan> Cyborg anatomy?
<Deozaan> No need.
<Deozaan> I took care of it.