CaSe MaTtErS, In GeRmAn

<JoTo> upper/lowercase can be very important in german
<JoTo> take the following to sentences:
<JoTo> Helft den armen Vögeln
<JoTo> Helft den Armen vögeln
<JoTo> you see the difference in upper/lowercase?
<JoTo> only one character...but...the meaning of the sentence change dramatically
<lanux128> yes, what's the difference?
<JoTo> First version means: Help the poor birds
<JoTo> second: help the poor to have intercourse
<JoTo> not kidding
<JoTo> Vögeln = Noun, 4.Fall accusative
<JoTo> vögeln = verb, coll. having intercourse
<JoTo> LOL
<lanux128> LOL..
<JoTo> not kidding...for sure
<JoTo> but dont let you confuse from that...thats only rare special cases

I look like a rapist

<app> martin...jacob im'd me to tell me he mailed you something, thought about telling me what it was, then changed his mind
<app> he says i'll enjoy it more if you tell me what it is
<Martin_13> my 'good morning' was aimed at you and april, JoTo
<JoTo> oh...sorry
<Martin_13> lol, yea, I knew he was mailing something... I'm concerned regarding exactly what it may be though
<JoTo> thought you said morning april
<JoTo> a sentence :-)
<app> well if you are going to live to tell me about it, it can't be that bad
<JoTo> someone told you he tell someone something about telling someone that he told you about the telling?
<JoTo> hi app btw
<app> hi again, joto :-D
<Martin_13> well, it could cripple me badly...still leaving my fingers to report on it
<Martin_13> but hopefully not
<app> lol
<app> too bad Aston Martin doesn't make white vans, or i would buy you a poster of one
<Martin_13> there's always photoshop
<app> authentic is best though
<JoTo> what? app will buy martin a car? .... oh, i see, only a poster of a car LOL
<app> wouldn't make as much sense if it was faked
<Martin_13> yes JoTo, I have my own brand of
<Martin_13> they're really fast
<app> him & his nemesis
<JoTo> fast as asm, eh? LOL
<Martin_13> well they're written in
<JoTo> hehehe
<app> JoTo: martin's nemesis:;u=35662
<Martin_13> and the proud owner of:
<app> give proper url:
<app> lol
<Martin_13> damn, I thought he'd removed all that propaganda
<app> lol
<app> he gave me back the subdomain
<Martin_13> lol
<app> i used the pic he loves to stick in everything
<Martin_13> cool
<Martin_13> that is actually a worrying picture
<Martin_13> makes me look like some sick sex freak
<Martin_13> look at the glove
<app> lol
<Martin_13> I look like a rapist
<app> hahaha
<Martin_13> don't quote that, on it's own it's SO FAR out of context
<app> LOL
<Martin_13> I can see it tomorrow, as I join the room
<app> don't tempt me
<Martin_13> greeted by "Martin_13 I look like a rapist"
<app> the thought didn't cross my mind till you mentioned it
<Martin_13> it wouldn't be 'entirely' fair
<app> how's this:
<app> <Martin_13> that is actually a worrying picture <Martin_13> makes me look like some sick sex freak <Martin_13> look at the glove <Martin_13> I look like a rapist
<app> or should I also include the link to the pic?
<Martin_13> more contextual... but I might not have admitted noticing those things (in hope no one else would) if I had known it was going to be re-announced every time I came back
<app> lol
<Martin_13> you're going to quote that too aren't you? ... lol
<Martin_13> I'm going to be silent now
<app> lol
<app> i might just put the whole convo on the blog instead of the quotes
<Martin_13> you're like a reorter
<Martin_13> I don't wanna say anything that you might log now!