Parties, Match-making, and Female Coders

mouser> i wonder how many years before we can have a donationcoder reunion
mouser> 2? 3? 5? 10?
mouser> whats the earliest to do it and still be in good taste?
mouser> 3 maybe
bro_thr|S> mouser: there's always ONE good reason to party :D
mouser> beer?
bro_thr|S> mouser: "100000000 million seconds DC!"
mouser> heh
bro_thr|S> mouser: "the 13th full moon after DC's beginnig"
bro_thr|S> +n
bro_thr|S> etc. :D
* mouser gives channel operator status to bro_thr|S>
* bLaCk-eye wonders if he can get a good party idea will he get op? :D
mouser> you can try :)
bLaCk-eye> lo guys
mouser> all party ideas become sole property of mouser
mouser> copyright 2006
mouser> tm and (R)
mouser> hi bLaCk-eye
bLaCk-eye> mouser: 1.000.000 registered users on forum ? :D
mouser> gonna be a long time before we hit that
bLaCk-eye> 1.000.000 subscribers to the letter
bro_thr|S> lol
mouser> same thing
bLaCk-eye> DC's founder, mouser getting married (:
mouser> hehehe
mouser> great one
bLaCk-eye> ;-)
mouser> that could be never though
mouser> miight be too long to wait
mouser> i should post name and address of my hearts true love
mouser> and first person to convince her to fall in love with me
bLaCk-eye> hey
mouser> gets some prize
bLaCk-eye> you shoould do something
bLaCk-eye> olike
bLaCk-eye> coders love coders
bLaCk-eye> dates for coders with opossite sex coders :D
bro_thr|S> lol @ mouser
bLaCk-eye> LOL
mouser> hehehe
mouser> coder dating service
mouser> 1 woman for every 10,000 men
bLaCk-eye> yeah
bLaCk-eye> ;-)
mouser> i think it would be easier to match up
mouser> men coders with women who need some custom coding done :)
bLaCk-eye> :D
bro_thr|S> haha!
mouser> ive known some women coders
mouser> they will break your heart before you know what hit you
bro_thr|S> mouser: huh? :)
bLaCk-eye> lol
bLaCk-eye> :D
mouser> they are all messed up from all the attention they get i think
bro_thr|S> mouser: you mean break your code?
mouser> both
mouser> hehehe
bro_thr|S> hehe
mouser> break your heart and break your code
bro_thr|S> :-x
bro_thr|S> bad..
bLaCk-eye> OMG
bLaCk-eye> Women coders insert bugs in your code
bLaCk-eye> :D

Laydie Witch vs KungFooFairy

Joins: Laydie ¤ Witch 111_31483 (DSL, 0 files) ()()
Vladdlite> #admincmd addadmin Laydie ¤ Witch
RCMS> Laydie ¤ Witch 111_31483 was added as an Admin
> Welcome Laydie ¤ Witch . If you need Help, just ask.
kungfoofairy > hola witchiepooh
Laydie ¤ Witch > who the fuck are you?
kungfoofairy > I am myself.
kungfoofairy > I think.
Laydie ¤ Witch > if you were yourself, why would you need to think about it?
kungfoofairy > err, ok... Hi, I'm kungfoofairy. Nice to meet you.
kungfoofairy > all better?
Laydie ¤ Witch > hi im your superior, you are my peasant and toy in this playground
kungfoofairy > ok
Laydie ¤ Witch > good
Laydie ¤ Witch > are you a chinese tittybag?
kungfoofairy > kinky
Kayleigh> park away :)
kungfoofairy > no
Laydie ¤ Witch > why have you named yourself 'Kungfoofairy'?
Laydie ¤ Witch > Kungfoo originated from China, you know that right?
kungfoofairy > kungfu did, not kungfoo
Laydie ¤ Witch > yeah that
kungfoofairy > kungfoo is the art of badass programming skills
Laydie ¤ Witch > so you are a chink?
kungfoofairy > no
Laydie ¤ Witch > you are a female too?
kungfoofairy > no
Laydie ¤ Witch > hahahaha a male fairy
kungfoofairy > I just like to pretend to be gay.
kungfoofairy > I'm good at it.
Laydie ¤ Witch > oh yes
Laydie ¤ Witch > i can tell
kungfoofairy > ty
Laydie ¤ Witch > why are you saying thank you?
Laydie ¤ Witch > I wasnt complimenting you
kungfoofairy > In my mind you were.
kungfoofairy > Which is good enough for me.
Laydie ¤ Witch > in your mind you are retarded
kungfoofairy > sometimes
Laydie ¤ Witch > all the time*
Laydie ¤ Witch > infinitely*
Laydie ¤ Witch > definitely*
kungfoofairy > Are you always this hostile to strangers, or just on the internet?
Laydie ¤ Witch > are you always this faggish to strangers? or just on the corner of fag street?
kungfoofairy > always
Laydie ¤ Witch > thought so
TSC[01]; app> witch: if you are trying to ruffle foo's feathers, don't bother...very difficult (if not next to impossible) to do
kungfoofairy > Shh, you'll ruin my fun app ;)
Laydie ¤ Witch > app, im sorry, was i addressing you at all?
kungfoofairy > oh boy... here we go
TSC[01]; app> but it's fun to watch you try :-P
Laydie ¤ Witch > try what?
Laydie ¤ Witch > am i not able to converse with anyone?
TSC[01]; app> being your usual bitchy self
Laydie ¤ Witch > bitchy? im not being bitchy, i am just being me : )
Laydie ¤ Witch > you are the only one that seems to be getting ruffled by me.
Laydie ¤ Witch > so shush
TSC[01]; app> lol
kungfoofairy > So you're just a bitch in general? ;)
TSC[01]; app> i am not ruffled...i am laughing
TSC[01]; app> you amuse me
Laydie ¤ Witch > so you are just a fag in general? ;)
kungfoofairy > The internets is a funny thing indeed.
Laydie ¤ Witch > im glad, app
Laydie ¤ Witch > now shush
kungfoofairy > I already answered that witchy.
kungfoofairy > pay attention
TSC[01]; app> if you want me to shush, take it to pm's
Laydie ¤ Witch > no you said you act like a fag
Laydie ¤ Witch > theres a difference
kungfoofairy > my bad
Laydie ¤ Witch > i asked if you are a fag
Laydie ¤ Witch > like chiefy wiefy
Laydie ¤ Witch > like a man who fucks another man
Laydie ¤ Witch > you know
kungfoofairy > If you were a man I'd fuck you.
Laydie ¤ Witch > oh yes that explains it
Knot4Prophet > even if it was a street bum?
Knot4Prophet > a transient
kungfoofairy > especially
Knot4Prophet > herpes ridden?
Knot4Prophet > oozing sores?
kungfoofairy > street bums with internet access rox0r
Knot4Prophet > would u rub them on ur face, the pus ridden sores
kungfoofairy > Who says I don't already have those knot?
TSC[01]; app> are probably turning him on
Knot4Prophet > i'm just wondering
Laydie ¤ Witch > kungfoo, do you wear dresses?
kungfoofairy > I wear kilts.
kungfoofairy > Close enough?
Laydie ¤ Witch > oh a scottish fag
kungfoofairy > aye
Laydie ¤ Witch > could you make your accent anymore retarded
kungfoofairy > I could try, no guarantees though.
>¤LVHC¤ Aston sits down and watches the show
Laydie ¤ Witch > fag voice mixed with scottish accent would be gross
kungfoofairy > The ladies seem to like it.
kungfoofairy > To bad I'm gay.
>TSC[01]; app passes aston the popcorn
kungfoofairy > *too
Laydie ¤ Witch > are you schizophrenic?
kungfoofairy > Not anymore.
kungfoofairy > When I was younger, but I got better.
Laydie ¤ Witch > once a schizophrenic, always a schizophrenic
Laydie ¤ Witch > you mental fag
Laydie ¤ Witch > have you ever fantasized about fucking chiefy wiefy?
Laydie ¤ Witch > i bet you have
kungfoofairy > hehe, I don't need to fantasize about it.
Laydie ¤ Witch > most the fags in here, have
Laydie ¤ Witch > you fuck chiefy wiefy?
kungfoofairy > You really raise my faith in humanity. Thank you.
kungfoofairy > My other personality does.
Laydie ¤ Witch > that would explain him saying you had genital warts
kungfoofairy > I think he meant genital farts.
kungfoofairy > I have those a lot.
Laydie ¤ Witch > you think too much
kungfoofairy > I'm lactose intolerant.
kungfoofairy > I know.
kungfoofairy > I was born that way.
Laydie ¤ Witch > lactose intolerant? you sure its not aids?
kungfoofairy > probably both
kungfoofairy > does AIDS give you gas?
Laydie ¤ Witch > dont know, im asking you
kungfoofairy > Shit, don't ask me. I'm the retard remember?
Laydie ¤ Witch > shit dont ask me to remember, you're the one that said 'probably both' remember
Laydie ¤ Witch > ?
Laydie ¤ Witch > or you wouldnt know?
kungfoofairy > No, I don't. I have bad short term memory.
kungfoofairy > must be the aids
Laydie ¤ Witch > you ever thought about having your ass probed by a doctor?
Laydie ¤ Witch > just in case
kungfoofairy > The aliens already do that.
Laydie ¤ Witch > oh yes they would be the plejaren race, huh?
kungfoofairy > I think they're looking for food.
kungfoofairy > They never told me who they are.
Laydie ¤ Witch > there you go with 'i think' again
kungfoofairy > *I believe
Laydie ¤ Witch > good faith you have going for you
kungfoofairy > aye
Laydie ¤ Witch > could you not say 'aye' please
kungfoofairy > nay
kungfoofairy > I have faith in my genitals above all else.
Laydie ¤ Witch > yes please do cease, because it just does not suit you
Laydie ¤ Witch > only straight men say 'aye'
kungfoofairy > genetalia > jesus/mohammed/buddha/etc
>`R®ß´Çòmppróß Game&Vids>> aye?
kungfoofairy > Well, when I say 'aye' I'm just pretending to be straight to confuse people.
Laydie ¤ Witch > including yourself
kungfoofairy > aye
>`R®ß´Çòmppróß Game&Vids>> god damn fairies
kungfoofairy > :D
TSC[01]; app> or it could be the pirate in him
Laydie ¤ Witch > ill be back soon, i have to put my son to sleep
kungfoofairy > Arrr.

Emergency Room

Robert Schimmel> I had to go to the hospital, I thought I was having an appendecitis attack, and in the emergency room the doctor comes in, he says, "I'm gonna push on your stomach. You tell me when it hurts the most," and he pushed on the one spot, and I farted...and the pain went away. And it cost 75 bucks to fart in the emergency room. And Blue Cross doesn't cover that.