Rappers Love Cats

<yello_maniac> Lil Appie
<yello_maniac> "Pocketing apps, rockin traps, programmin skills daunted only by the size of her gat"
<yello_maniac> "Hardcore, new jersey style, represenet"
<yello_maniac> i gave up
<Menchi187|Laptop> its ok yello
<Menchi187|Laptop> we'll just call you.....
<Menchi187|Laptop> Run MSG
<yello_maniac> lol
<yello_maniac> haha
<yello_maniac> its a net-wide revolution. we all after dat web-fame
<Menchi187|Laptop> "and it all depends on the size of the app"
<Menchi187|Laptop> rat-a-tat-tat we got a hack to send back
<Menchi187|Laptop> ok im stopping
<yello_maniac> lol
<yello_maniac> peace
<app> lol
<app> btw...yello
<app> wtf is a 'gat'?
<Menchi187|Laptop> gat is a gun app
<app> oh
<app> abreviated
<Menchi187|Laptop> well not exactly
<Menchi187|Laptop> its any gun
<Krishean> gat as in gato, the spanish word for cat, all the rappers love cats
<app> LOL
<Gunrunner_Gray> lmao
<Menchi187|Laptop> gat as in gato,the robot from chrono trigger
<Menchi187|Laptop> all rappers love over priced shiney shit
<Gunrunner_Gray> This is true
<yello_maniac> lol krish
<yello_maniac> rappers do love cats

JoTo's "software" has a glitch

* JoTo shrugs
<JoTo> baaaaaaaaah! i get upset again!
<JoTo> better talk about other topics
<JoTo> its my last day in office...from tomorrow on i have 3 weeks and 2 days vacation
<JoTo> hmmm...i talk to myself
<JoTo> ok...joto...how are you?
<Gothi[c]> no you don't
<JoTo> thank you....very good and you?
<JoTo> hmmm...not so good as my mobile got broken
<JoTo> ah...really?
<JoTo> yes
<JoTo> thats bad
<JoTo> you said it!
<JoTo> hmmm
<JoTo> and now?
<app[9x]> but you are supposed to be talking about other things
<JoTo> go to repair center
<JoTo> ah thats good
<JoTo> what can i do if this shitty joto comes back to this topic
<JoTo> i am NOT shitty!
<JoTo> shut up
<JoTo> HEY!
<JoTo> i'll kick you
<JoTo> HA HA! you aren't op
<JoTo> oops
<JoTo> :-)
<JoTo> hey don't laugh at me
<JoTo> i don't
<JoTo> you do
<JoTo> arrrg
<JoTo> idiot
<JoTo> yourself one
<JoTo> mouser: kick this idiotic joto
<JoTo> please
<JoTo> no he won't do that
<JoTo> sure if i beg
<JoTo> dream on
<JoTo> :-(
<JoTo> then i'll ignore you
<JoTo> do it if you want
* JoTo ignores joto from now on
<JoTo> hiho
<JoTo> hello
<Gothi[c]> wtf
<JoTo> hmmm he really is ignoring me
<JoTo> i think i got crazy
<JoTo> nevermind me
<JoTo> hahahahah <- evilstrangelaughter
<JoTo> and no...i'am not on drugs or drunk
<JoTo> ok...back to normal state
<JoTo> restart again better.
<JoTo> ...
<JoTo> morning all
<JoTo> :-)

Those Bastards Stole All of Mouser's Ideas!

<Metshrine> dude
<Metshrine> i just remembered
<Metshrine> i dont need ssc
<Metshrine> windows vista comes with a screen cap tool!
<Metshrine> mousey is out of business
<Metshrine> vista stole all your ideas mousey
<Metshrine> :)
<mouser> does it come with a killme button
<mouser> if so, PRESS IT!!!
<Metshrine> farr is now the vista start menu search function
<Metshrine> ssc is now the "Snipping tool"
<mouser> yes
<mouser> they stole all my ideas
<mouser> bastards
<Metshrine> clipboard help+spell is and has been the office clipboard
<Metshrine> dr. windows is windows vista itself
<Metshrine> skrommel is really clippy from office 97
<Metshrine> in that he only pops up when you are doing something he thinks he can help with
<Metshrine> process tamer is now process explorer
<Metshrine> hmm
<Metshrine> wow
<Metshrine> they really stole dc's programs
<Metshrine> LBC is the sidebar

Martin vs Jacob: Part ? (oh hell, I lost count!)

<Martin_> your name sounds as though you would wear a red suit
<JacobG> I do
<Martin_> ironically, your name is coloured red in xchat
<JacobG> what version of xchat are you using?
<Martin_> 2.6.2
<JacobG> weird, i dont know why its in red.
<JacobG> im on 2.8 its all blue
<Martin_> well stop pimping people and maybe you'll get another colour
<JacobG> i prefer blue anyway
<Martin_> thought as much
<JacobG> Martin_
<Martin_> yes?
<JacobG> just wanted to make your xchat blink.
<Martin_> it didn't
<Martin_> I've turned if off
<JacobG> you're really just no fun
<Martin_> infact... when I talk to you, the following is turned off:
<Martin_> xchat notifications
<Martin_> MSN sounds
<Martin_> MSN nudges and winks
<JacobG> I can't imagine why you would need to take those precautions
<Martin_> relevant bad experiences
<JacobG> who would do such things
<Martin_> real low lifes
<Martin_> the world is a horrible place
<JacobG> bastards
<Martin_> mainly because of those said low lifes
<JacobG> they might just be misunderstood
<JacobG> and mean well
<Martin_> you sound almost as though you are acting as a representative

Shoot Me With Brandy

<hollow87> someone shoot me please
<hollow87> i hate this new vps
<hollow87> nothing wants to work on it
<Martin_> I only have a water gun, will that do?
<Martin_> I can put brandy in it, if you really need me to
<hollow87> oh ok
<hollow87> then light me on fire while ya at it
<Martin_> I was going to aim for your mouth
<hollow87> that works too
<Martin_> I figured you could just forget the problem easier then
<hollow87> lol
<hollow87> no i wont forget this as i wont get my computer if i dont fix this :-p

Naked Refactoring

<mouser> whats everyone working on today? sound off!
* Martin_ is refactoring
* ioszilla is emulating
<Martin_>question is... is anyone else naked?
<Martin_> just me?
* Martin_ goes back to refactoring
<JoTo> martin: no, but i throw in: underwear <- does this count as naked?
<JoTo> :-)
<Martin_> pretty much... I have my underwear on too
<Martin_> ... on my head
<Martin_> but never the less, it's "on"
<Martin_> I find refactoring is most successful when your underwear is placed on your head
<ioszilla> ha
<JoTo> lool