Those Bastards Stole All of Mouser's Ideas!

<Metshrine> dude
<Metshrine> i just remembered
<Metshrine> i dont need ssc
<Metshrine> windows vista comes with a screen cap tool!
<Metshrine> mousey is out of business
<Metshrine> vista stole all your ideas mousey
<Metshrine> :)
<mouser> does it come with a killme button
<mouser> if so, PRESS IT!!!
<Metshrine> farr is now the vista start menu search function
<Metshrine> ssc is now the "Snipping tool"
<mouser> yes
<mouser> they stole all my ideas
<mouser> bastards
<Metshrine> clipboard help+spell is and has been the office clipboard
<Metshrine> dr. windows is windows vista itself
<Metshrine> skrommel is really clippy from office 97
<Metshrine> in that he only pops up when you are doing something he thinks he can help with
<Metshrine> process tamer is now process explorer
<Metshrine> hmm
<Metshrine> wow
<Metshrine> they really stole dc's programs
<Metshrine> LBC is the sidebar