Martin vs Jacob: Part ? (oh hell, I lost count!)

<Martin_> your name sounds as though you would wear a red suit
<JacobG> I do
<Martin_> ironically, your name is coloured red in xchat
<JacobG> what version of xchat are you using?
<Martin_> 2.6.2
<JacobG> weird, i dont know why its in red.
<JacobG> im on 2.8 its all blue
<Martin_> well stop pimping people and maybe you'll get another colour
<JacobG> i prefer blue anyway
<Martin_> thought as much
<JacobG> Martin_
<Martin_> yes?
<JacobG> just wanted to make your xchat blink.
<Martin_> it didn't
<Martin_> I've turned if off
<JacobG> you're really just no fun
<Martin_> infact... when I talk to you, the following is turned off:
<Martin_> xchat notifications
<Martin_> MSN sounds
<Martin_> MSN nudges and winks
<JacobG> I can't imagine why you would need to take those precautions
<Martin_> relevant bad experiences
<JacobG> who would do such things
<Martin_> real low lifes
<Martin_> the world is a horrible place
<JacobG> bastards
<Martin_> mainly because of those said low lifes
<JacobG> they might just be misunderstood
<JacobG> and mean well
<Martin_> you sound almost as though you are acting as a representative