Don't go In the basement

<edvard> why is it that whenever someone in a horror movie is told "don't go in the basement" or "don't go in those woods after dark" or some such, the people go ahead and do it?
<GamingPhoeni> heh welcome to the 40 year old question edvard
<edvard> like in "the amityville horror" when the disembodied growling voice said "get... out..." i'd be like "UMMM, YEAH, NO PROBLEM.. THIS IS ME LEAVING... SEE YA NEVER!!!!!"
<edvard> i mean come on, even if the house cost me a million dollars, that is just not worth it
<edvard> no way you'll catch me arguing with a incorporeal voice about whose damn house it is
<edvard> nuh-uh
<edvard> nope