Recursive Drains

* omgplzstf just thought up a solution to 2 potential problems people have with under-sink cabinets and wonfering why my idea isn't already the standard
<omgplzstf> you have a sink with a cabinet...
<omgplzstf> and either the drain pipe breaks or leaks, or the water pipes, or just the handles under there
<omgplzstf> you end up with water all over the place
<omgplzstf> that's problem 1
<omgplzstf> problem 2 is cleaning under the sink
<omgplzstf> if there was a very shallow tub fitted under there with a drain, problem solved
<mouser> wait.. what problem does that solve?
<mouser> and do you need another tub under the first tub
<mouser> in cast that tub's drain leaks
<mouser> sleep time for me
<mouser> i hope i dont dream of recursive drains