<edvard> so after the mexican ladies take out the rotten ones, they get conveyored to a flash cooker above some 15 ft diameter drums that are like 30 feet long and heated to 350 degrees
<edvard> the cooked potato is just mash now, and falls down on rollers that roll along the face of the gigantic hot drums, and people scoop potato that falls off and stick it back on the rollers
<edvard> as it rolls on the drums, a veeeeeeeerrry thin layer of potato is cooked onto the surface of the drums, and as they rotate, a long blade scrapes it off the back side, where it gets chopped up and sucked into the pack room
<edvard> in the pack room it gets ground down to a uniform size and dumped into a hopper where i would bag it
<edvard> run the bag through a sealer and the foreman would stack it and take it away on a forklift
<edvard> that was the first time i realized that the potato cubes in campbell's soup wasn't chunks cut from potatos, but potato flour formed in a cube shape
<edvard> D:
<Deozaan> O_o
<Deozaan> Potato noodles?
<edvard> i suppose you could do that too
<edvard> what was gross is in the pack room, the air is hot and full of potato dust, so you sweat and it sticks to your skin
<edvard> so when you went home, you were coated with a thin layer of potato
<Deozaan> Did you lick it off?
<edvard> aw hell no
<Deozaan> You could ahve been your own pringle every day
<edvard> now I'M feeling sick...
<Deozaan> just add a little sour cream and onion flavoring and you're good
<w3bcrawler> mmm pringlevard