ChibiKage> nothing stops multiplication
ChibiKage> division, yes,, but not mulitplication D:
Krishean> not even vin diesal?
ChibiKage> hell no
ChibiKage> multiplication pwns him

numb that

AFK-ish (ÐîK) ßåÞhºmèt > woman goes to a gynaecologist, he examines her and says "I'm gonna have to numb that"... woman says "ok".. doc puts his head between her thighs and goes "numnumnumnumnum"
kungfoofairy�zombie� > :-O
kungfoofairy�zombie� > That happened to me once.
AFK-ish (ÐîK) ßåÞhºmèt > erm.. i mean "morning all"
AFK-ish (ÐîK) ßåÞhºmèt > :)
kungfoofairy�zombie� > before the sex change


Krishean> i don't like the am/pm clock setup
PlasticYakuza> we need metric time
PlasticYakuza> none of this 60 crap
PlasticYakuza> full one hundreads only
PlasticYakuza> or 10s
Krishean> ticks
Krishean> multiples of 100 based on cesium
Gunrunner_Gray> That would be pretty damn awkward to get used to.
app> it would
app> don't fuck with my clocks
PlasticYakuza> lol
Gunrunner_Gray> lol
Gunrunner_Gray> I think I'll say that the next time I yell things at people at random while driving.
app> lol

pop goes the firewall

mukestar> godamn microwave oven
Della> rofl
mukestar> it does it everytime
mukestar> microwave on, connection gone
Della> thats messed up mukestar
Della> lol
Della> ahhahahaha
Della> so, what were ya making?
mukestar> i wanst, my housemates where
mukestar> wasn't even
mukestar> well, at least ive got a really powefull firewall, if i get attacked i just pop some popcorn in the microwave, not only do i have tip top security, ive also got a tasty snack