Asking the IRC Master Race to Define What a Real Man Would Do

<edvard> contemplating changing the air filter in my car
<edvard> i dread this job
<edvard> volkswagen makes it next to impossible to remove things for access to the air filter space
<edvard> seriously, it fully sucks
<edvard> <sigh> i better do this before it gets dark
* edvard puts on his man-pants and nitrile gloves
<edvard> actually, a real man wouldn'
<edvard> t wear gloves
<edvard> to fix his car
<edvard> or would he?
<edvard> why am i asking?
<edvard> why am i asking you people?
<edvard> ...
<sj1k> :D
<sj1k> us people
<sj1k> you racist
<edvard> yeah, im a-talkin ta yous
<edvard> hehe, til irc chatters are a race
<sj1k> the glorious IRC race
<edvard> IRC master race
<sj1k> Well, not exactly
<edvard> screw those skype plebs
<edvard> facebook messenger inferiors
<sj1k> we're all pasty, probably some kind of diseased, small framed or fat nerds
<sj1k> :P
<edvard> like i said... a race
<sj1k> :P
<edvard> ok, time to get off my pasty, diseased, fat ass and go change an air filter
<edvard> :P
<sj1k> :D
<edvard> bbiab

App's Taskbar Closet Extender

<w3bcrawler> inb4 SynAckRst comes out of the closet
<SynAckRst> :-D
<SynAckRst> I was never in the closet!
<SynAckRst> The closet has monsters
<SynAckRst> I got away from the closet as soon as I could
<SynAckRst> I hear that is where April hides her remaining taskbar icons that don't fit in her taskbar any longer
<w3bcrawler> lmao
<GamingPhoeni> App's Taskbar Closet Extender : )
<app> SynAckRst: when I run out of taskbar space, I just do this:

<SynAckRst> OMG!
<SynAckRst> It's so angry!
<w3bcrawler> my eyes
<Deozaan> The goggles, they do nothing!
<w3bcrawler> lol
<w3bcrawler> +1 for Simpsons
<app> Oh, and I do own, and I do have some marvelous plans for it :D
<app> A website design that kind of resembles my desktop
<app> And all of my websites will become subsites under it
<w3bcrawler> D:
<app> it will be magnificent!
* w3bcrawler reports app for human rights violations
<app> making it responsive will be tricky
<w3bcrawler> you can't just do that to people's eyes you know
<app> Well the domain name will serve as a warning :P
<app> Don't worry, I won't make visitors hover over every icon
<w3bcrawler> :D

One Letter Makes a Difference

<sj1k> Man, turns out lots of things run freeBSD
<sj1k> Switch, BSD.  PS3/4,  BSD.  apple devices,  BSD.
<sj1k> the list goes on
<Deozaan> sj1k, BSD.
<sj1k> Deozaan, BSOD.
<sj1k> :P
<Deozaan> Microsoft Windows, BSOD
<franstam> yeah 1 letter makes heck of a difference doesnt it
<sj1k> Yeah, the difference between a bangin' operating system and an operating system going bang

A Series of Unfortunate Words

<Deozaan> I think I'm developing Alzheimer's. :-(
<Deozaan> I was trying to refer to A Series of Unfortunate Events, but I couldn't remember the title. So I said something like An Incongruous Event of Systems.
<Deozaan> Then I fumbled around with other words trying to say the right thing.
<Deozaan> Basically what came out of my mouth was a series of unfortunate words.