<Metshrine> mousey reminds me of wall-e
<Metshrine> he has wall-e's attention span
<Metshrine> "I will go add this nifty feature to....OH LOOK A RED LASER!"
<scannie> LOL
<Della_Roo> heh, thats more like my attention span
<Della_Roo> just ask  gothic. who is trying to teach me to code...and i suddenly become mesmerized (sp?) by a toothpick

More Google Suggests Fun

<cn28h> #suggest why won't
<MrSlave> cn28h: Google suggests: why won't my parakeet eat my diarrhea, why won't god heal amputees, why won't my ipod sync, why won't limewire connect, why won't itunes open, why won't my car start, why won't facebook load, why won't my ipod turn on, why won't he marry me, why won't my iphone turn on

<omgplzstfukthx> #suggest why
<MrSlave> omgplzstfukthx: Google suggests: why do men have nipples, why is the sky blue, why is my poop green, whyy, why do cats purr, why do dogs eat grass, why did the chicken cross the road, why do dogs eat poop, why is there a dead pakistani on my couch, why did i get married

Google suggests: god bless my underwear

<LordXenu> #suggest my underwear
<MrSlave> LordXenu: Google suggests: my underwear are always wet, my underwear smells like ammonia, my underwear smells, my underwear stinks, my underwear drawer, god bless my underwear, yellow stuff in my underwear, me in my underwear, why does my underwear smell, husband wears my underwear
<TRON> god bless my underwear"
<TRON> ?
<TRON> sorry
<TRON> i just have to question that

Why another programming language?

<lanux128> just why another programming language?
<lanux128> anyone has any ideas why?
<lanux128> there must be a reason for google to get involved
<lanux128> in development languages
<rgdot> 'because they can' is probably the only reason
<app> because they have this problem in their company where they force employees to spend 20% of their time at work working on personal projects
<app> and this is probably one of those 20% time wasters made by one of their employees
<app> when martin was goofing off at work, he made 2dvr...imagine if he had worked at google, what they would have done with it
<app> http://2d.e-asm.org/
<mouser> <lanux128> there must be a reason for google to get involved
<mouser> <rgdot> 'because they can' is probably the only reason
<mouser> i think thats probably right
<mouser> another way to look at it is this
<hollow87> http://golang.org/doc/go_lang_faq.html#creating_a_new_language
<mouser> in every company, the coders there have little side projects
<hollow87> but yeah because they can basicly
<mouser> and no one ever hears about it. but google farts and the world holds a news conferece.
<hollow87> it was a side project that page says
<app> orkut was a side project too
<rgdot> microsoft has this thing called 'office labs grassroots projects'
<rgdot> on their site it says "Grassroots Projects are the direct result of employee initiative and ingenuity. "
<app> guy started his own social network that was invite only...he invited his friends who invited theirs who invited theirs...goal was eventually to have everyone in the world invited
<app> assuming that there are not any people in the world that really don't have any friends
<rgdot> I guess that's the MS equivalent
<hollow87> when martin was goofing off at work, he made 2dvr...imagine if he had worked at google, what they would have done with it << lol it would have become the new 2nd life :-p

I want my money back

<PlasticYakuza> schools need to offer a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" on classes
<PlasticYakuza> I want my money back for this geography class I took
<PlasticYakuza> all we've done in the class is watch nat geo dvds
<PlasticYakuza> sometimes we watch nat geo dvds on a different campus
<PlasticYakuza> for the mid term that is like a month late
<PlasticYakuza> he just picked some random stuff online for us to study
<PlasticYakuza> and said he would make the questions revolve around that
<Cai> i'm sure most people would think that's the best class ever
<PlasticYakuza> were suppose to do a presentation in class for our final
<PlasticYakuza> I was thinking of burning an episode of Planet Earth and playing that
<PlasticYakuza> then just be confused why he doesn't like it
<Cai> rofl
<PlasticYakuza> I've always wanted to have sex with sigourney weaver and have her narrate it like an episode of Planet Earth