I want my money back

<PlasticYakuza> schools need to offer a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" on classes
<PlasticYakuza> I want my money back for this geography class I took
<PlasticYakuza> all we've done in the class is watch nat geo dvds
<PlasticYakuza> sometimes we watch nat geo dvds on a different campus
<PlasticYakuza> for the mid term that is like a month late
<PlasticYakuza> he just picked some random stuff online for us to study
<PlasticYakuza> and said he would make the questions revolve around that
<Cai> i'm sure most people would think that's the best class ever
<PlasticYakuza> were suppose to do a presentation in class for our final
<PlasticYakuza> I was thinking of burning an episode of Planet Earth and playing that
<PlasticYakuza> then just be confused why he doesn't like it
<Cai> rofl
<PlasticYakuza> I've always wanted to have sex with sigourney weaver and have her narrate it like an episode of Planet Earth