Brain Tumor

Aston says:
  you happen to be up?
Aston says:
Aston says:
  you ever wanted a brain tumor?
Aston says:
  not in like a, life threatening way
Aston says:
  just.. a brain tumor
Aston says:
  guess it must be just me
Aston says:
  ill let you ponder that for later

Never ask a woman her age

aJeNa194_10022 (DSL 0 files) has entered
aJeNa> hi
-._.·´¯`¤._.-´(EaglE)`-._.¤´¯`·._.-> hi
BugMX> hi
aJeNa> hovv are you, bug?
BugMX> im fine thx
aJeNa> vvhere are you from?
BugMX> croatia
aJeNa> hovv old are you?
BugMX000_12345 has left
¤LVHC¤SabLe> never ask a woman about her age or she leaves the room lol
aJeNa> ah she vvas a vvoman?
aJeNa> xD
aJeNa> or vvas she*
-._.·´¯`¤._.-´(EaglE)`-._.¤´¯`·._.-> lool
aJeNa> muahauhauahuah
aJeNa> i've make the third grado? :°D
aJeNa> xD

Code a Campfire

JoTo> hmmmm i fear the evening...i have to go to teach my radio class this evening...the house is a bit outside so i think i need a tent and a dog slide with all the snow out there :-(((
mouser> hehehehe
JoTo> anyone knows how to make campfire? :-))
mouser> yes
mouser> get wood
mouser> and fire
mouser> combine.
JoTo> mouser: aaaah...thx. LOL
jgpaiva> right, that makes sense
mouser> jeheheheh
jgpaiva> from a programmer's side, that's high-level language :P
mouser> hehehehehehhe exactly
jgpaiva> if f0dder was here, he'd probably give you a more "detailed" explanation ;)
JoTo> Wood *pWd = new Wood();
JoTo> pWd->Fire(TRUE);
jgpaiva> that's it, JoTo. you're a fast learner :D
JoTo> mousie: i have a last look at my class now and then send it to you for investigation and test and suggestions
taproot> nah it would be like push flame
taproot> pop fire
jgpaiva> taproot: for that, you'd need to have "flame" and "fire" already defined somewhere
taproot> yeah flame would be flame db "hawtttflame",0
jgpaiva> :)
taproot> wood db "expensivewood",0
taproot> :]
JoTo> jgpaiva: flame is a standard built in module, no extension needed and a global object is automatically created on startup named TheFire :-))
jgpaiva> eheh
jgpaiva> not in assembly, JoTo :P
JoTo> jgpaiva: ok, dunno that you use 1010001111101010110100 :-))

The Great Vladd

<TSC[58];(DiK)Baphomet> i had a great quote from hitcher. "i as telling a guy how vladd singlehandedly saved mx by coding a peercache on an abacus in his prison cell, making notes in shit on his bedding then sending the code out in morse by loosening his light socket. guy said to me `if he had shit and a lightbulb why didn't he just build a mac?'" :)

They Deleted My Pants!

yello_maniac> i haves my shirts but no pants
yello_maniac> a glitch in the matrix deleted my pants
yello_maniac> i kind of need my pants....
Cai> there are no pants
yello_maniac> heh
yello_maniac> guess i should get unplugged then..
Cai> yup
yello_maniac> well either way...i still lack pants
yello_maniac> hope they find the
yello_maniac> them*
PlasticYakuza> they lost your pants?
yello_maniac> seems so
yello_maniac> at least for the time being
yello_maniac> id like them back though cuz they cost a bit of $.....
PlasticYakuza> time to break some kneee caps
yello_maniac> perhaps if they dont find them by monday
yello_maniac> seems like they may not have been delivered from their main facility
yello_maniac> i do have shirts
yello_maniac> so i can go into convenience stores.....
yello_maniac> the signs dont seem to mention pants

Bulbacious Balls?

Deozaan> So I just did a search for Torsion, which Tinjaw mentioned earlier was a good IDE for Torque. One of the first results was Testicular Torsion a very painful sounding medical condition.
hamradio> lol
MouserBot> [DC Forum] Bulbaceous Balls - Accessibility Game Contest - by XIX -
Deozaan> Talking about Testicular Torsion and then the next DC post is called Bulbacious Balls?
hamradio> lol

reaching through monitor

yello_maniac> what the hell happened to my jacket?
yello_maniac> thought it was on the floor when subconsciously threw it there in the wee hours of the morning
yello_maniac> unless app hid it from me
Menchi187> grabbing shit through your monitor when you arent looking
yello_maniac> im starting to believe that
yello_maniac> i dont see it anywhere
yello_maniac> you dont just have jackets fall out of your pocket