Code a Campfire

JoTo> hmmmm i fear the evening...i have to go to teach my radio class this evening...the house is a bit outside so i think i need a tent and a dog slide with all the snow out there :-(((
mouser> hehehehe
JoTo> anyone knows how to make campfire? :-))
mouser> yes
mouser> get wood
mouser> and fire
mouser> combine.
JoTo> mouser: aaaah...thx. LOL
jgpaiva> right, that makes sense
mouser> jeheheheh
jgpaiva> from a programmer's side, that's high-level language :P
mouser> hehehehehehhe exactly
jgpaiva> if f0dder was here, he'd probably give you a more "detailed" explanation ;)
JoTo> Wood *pWd = new Wood();
JoTo> pWd->Fire(TRUE);
jgpaiva> that's it, JoTo. you're a fast learner :D
JoTo> mousie: i have a last look at my class now and then send it to you for investigation and test and suggestions
taproot> nah it would be like push flame
taproot> pop fire
jgpaiva> taproot: for that, you'd need to have "flame" and "fire" already defined somewhere
taproot> yeah flame would be flame db "hawtttflame",0
jgpaiva> :)
taproot> wood db "expensivewood",0
taproot> :]
JoTo> jgpaiva: flame is a standard built in module, no extension needed and a global object is automatically created on startup named TheFire :-))
jgpaiva> eheh
jgpaiva> not in assembly, JoTo :P
JoTo> jgpaiva: ok, dunno that you use 1010001111101010110100 :-))